The Most Significant Benefits of Fixing Hail Damage Immediately

Hail damage can cause a lot of very real and very costly issues, if it’s left unchecked. The following are just a few of the things that you can avoid by fixing the hail damage on your roof as quickly as possible:

  • Even if the damage isn’t too bad, it can become worse over time. Plus, any broken shingles or holes drilled into your flashing could end up destroying part of the roof decking underneath, even if the leak doesn’t spread all the way to visible areas of your home’s interior.

Livermore roofing hail damage repair

  • In some cases, hail damage can be so severe that, when it rains, the water trickles down both into your interior walls and alongside the exterior, causing damage not only to your attic, but to various rooms and even to your basement and foundation.
  • Hail damage can also lead to more serious fixes sometimes involving the partial or total replacement of your roof, if it’s not addressed as soon as possible.

All these issues can be avoided, if you simply hire a reliable Livermore roofing hail damage professional who can get the problem solved in a couple of days. You can then avoid spending many more hundreds or even thousands of dollars on further fixes or on replacing your entire roof, if you’re forced to.

What Are the Most Important Roof Maintenance Mistakes You’ll Have to Avoid?

Proper roof maintenance is the key to a long lasting roof. However, not everyone knows about the best San Jose roofing company maintenance practices or how important they are when it comes to protecting their roofs from the numerous natural and man-made factors that could lead to severe roofing damage.

avoid common roofing maintenance mistakes by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance with a reputable San Jose roofing company

One of the most important mistakes to avoid when you use common San Jose roofing company maintenance practices is ignoring a certain problem simply because it’s too difficult to deal with immediately. Whether your finances don’t allow you to hire a pressure washing service immediately, or you simply don’t have time to unclog your gutters right away, it’s a good idea to schedule those tasks as soon as possible, if you don’t want your roof to be damaged severely over time.

Another roof maintenance mistake is using the wrong maintenance tasks for the type of roofing you own. For instance, if you have a metal roof, looking for fire damage or hail damage is not as important as factors such as rust and other forms of water damage – which are usually responsible for most roofing damage in this case.

Finally, make sure you don’t go in blindly, especially if you just bought your house and you don’t know much about the roof yet. Ask your local roofers for a thorough roof inspection, so you’ll know what actions you need to perform and what you’ll have to avoid.

Tips for Finding a Roof Leak

A roof leak is a nuisance and also an emergency, therefore finding its cause as well as its location is imperative. However, roof leaks can be difficult to diagnose, especially if they went undetected for a while and water traveled from the entry point and infiltrated far from it.

San Jose roofing contractors identify and repair roof leaks

There are some common leak location though that you should maybe start with, when you are not sure where to look.


Damaged shingles represent the most obvious cause for roof leaks, so they have to be inspected carefully. Do not look only for missing, cracked or curled shingles, but also for rather subtle signs of damage, such as missing granules. If the roof is old and shingles are work out, this is likely another reason for the appearance of water leaks. Quality San Jose roofing contractors can easily spot and repair a roof leak.


Roof valleys are those lines where roof planes intersect. They are secured with flashing, but they still represent vulnerable areas of a roof. When flashing become worn out, water can easily find its way inside.

Roof penetrations

Flashing is also used around other roof penetrations such as dormers, skylights or chimneys. These areas are also very likely to allow water leaks, if the materials do not provide adequate protection anymore.


Roof Repairs from Hail Damage – Important Facts You Need to Know

Hail can cause a lot of damage to low quality or older roofing systems. It has been documented that heavier hail can even puncture weaker roofs, blasting genuine holes through it or cracking shingles until they are unusable.

Danville roofing storm damage repair

Roof repairs from hail damage are definitely not easy. Most experts will have to do a great job of reviewing all the damaged areas before they can even provide you with an estimate. This is because of the unique nature of hail damage, which can sometimes affect areas that are hidden from sight or that are harder to reach.

Because of its localized nature, hail damage also causes problems below your roof. If the ice manages to puncture your roof and find its way to your underlayment and decking, it might be necessary to tear down that entire part of the roof in order to fix the damage, no matter how small it is.

Roof damage from hail is not to be joked with. The leaks it can cause and the long term problems it can lead to might set you back thousands of dollars in due time. As a result, it is extremely important that you call on your local Danville roofing experts as soon as you notice your home was struck by hail, and to have them do a complete roof inspection before you decide what to do next.

Roof Repairs from Animal Damage – A Few Important Hints You Have to Know

Taking care of damage caused by animals is never easy, regardless of the part of your home we’re talking about. Even though roofs are not typically accessible to dogs and other land animals, birds, squirrels, cats and other animals that are comfortable with high places will typically find their way to your roof at one point or another.

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One of the main types of damages that you have to look out for has to do with missing or loose shingles. It often happens that a bird taking off or a cat running along the side of the roof can displace a shingle or two, which can lead to more damage down the line. If you have animals around your home, check frequently to see if there are any damaged shingles, and fix them as soon as possible.

Roof flashing and coating can also be damaged, and sometimes nests can block water from flowing into the gutter and cause extensive water damage over time. All these problems have to be addressed by quality San Mateo roofing contractors as soon as possible – even through preventive measures, if that can be done. That way the damage that is caused by animals will only have minimal repercussions, and at most you’ll just have to deal with 1-2 basic repair jobs that won’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Necessary Roof Maintenance Tasks

Roof maintenance is a rather complex process that must include different operations. Performed regularly, it ensures the efficiency of a roof and extends its lifespan. Maintenance is performed in order to detect small problems and soft spots and repair them quickly, before they aggravate and become very costly or even beyond repair.

Roof maintenance always starts with a comprehensive inspection that can be done in various ways, using different methods, from simple visual inspections performed by homeowners to infrared scanning performed by Fremont roofing professionals.

Fremont roofing inspection During the inspection, the roof`s membrane is not the only thing to observe. Knowing and checking the other elements of the system is just as important: insulation, vapor barrier, resistance structure, drainage etc.
Besides identifying potential problems, roof inspections also include cleaning the roof, whether we are talking about simply removing debris or washing the roof and using special solutions to get rid of vegetation and mold buildup.
Routine maintenance can be performed by skilled homeowner who also poses safety equipment necessary for working at height, but in general it is one of those things that should be left in the hands of specialists, especially if the roof system is still under warranty. This way, you do not risk making mistakes that will do more harm than good.

Why Hire Professionals for Gutter Maintenance

Gutters and downspouts form together the roof`s drainage system, being essential in keeping water away of your house, as well as the problems it may cause. Maintaining the gutters regularly is a must. The operation itself is not so complicated and, in most of the cases, it consists in cleaning operations. Rarely, if gutters get damaged, you may also have to worry about repositioning, repairing or replacing them.

San Jose roofing company gutter cleaning

Many homeowners do the gutter maintenance on their own, using a ladder, a brush and a garden hose. However, if you are not experienced, or if the gutters are damaged, it is best to hire a San Jose roofing company for gutter maintenance. The main reason to do so is safety. Gutter cleaning involves working at height and staying in a rather uncomfortable position, on a ladder, which may be dangerous without safety precautions. Besides, if the gutters are clogged or damaged and you do not address the problem properly, everything may become a very expensive affair, which is exactly what you should try to avoid by performing gutter maintenance.

When you hire a professional company for this job, you get quick service and warranty. You can trust their expertise, not to mention that their services are cost-effective.

Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is an investment for at least a couple of decades that brings you protection, comfort, energy-efficiency and increased home value. It is also a complex process that must be entrusted to specialists.

However, when it comes to preparing your home for a roof replacement, this is entirely up to you and you should consider doing it before the Danville roofing pros start their work on your property. They will not work inside your home, but the installation of a new roof is a disrupting process and you should trust us when we tell you that there is no way to live your life like it doesn’t happen.

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The first aspect you need to consider is that things will likely get messy, especially in the attic, so you should clear this area from all the stuff that you store here; they are vulnerable during the roof replacement, not to mention that it will be very hard to clean everything once the process is finished. Make sure to also protect the attic`s floor with foils.

Your windows may also be exposed to damage during the roof replacement, due to falling material. You should temporarily protect them with wooden boards.

Protect fragile items and wall decorations too! They may fall or be hurt by vibrations from hammering.

How to Stop Annoying Roof Leaks

Roof leaks, whether small or large, are annoying, especially if they keep coming back in a seemingly unstoppable succession. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to get rid of them – here are some:

San Jpse roofing company

– Fix the flashing – the areas around your skylights are very sensitive to weather damage and are among the most common places where roofs develop leaks. Have a San Jose roofing company check the flashing that surrounds your skylight for cracks or improper adherence and fix the issues by re-caulking the flashing or by replacing it completely;

– Replace damaged shingles – cracked, cupped, buckled shingles or shingles that no longer have surface granules are also sources of leaks, so they need to be replaced;

– Re-seal your roof valleys – roof valleys are areas where two roof planes meet, therefore they are very sensitive to the actions of water. Unfortunately, valley resealing is a task for professional roofers and should not be tackled by amateurs, so if you suspect that valley is the source of your recurrent leaks, call an expert to fix it for you;

– Clean your gutters – clogged gutters can also cause roof leaks. Fortunately, the problem is easy to remedy, all you need is a ladder, a tool for removing the clogs and a bucket to collect the debris you scrape out.

Tips for Keeping Moisture Off Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs are different from sloping roof types not only in terms of shape. Flat roofing behaves differently when it comes to how it stands up to moisture and water as well – it drains differently and the signs that indicate water damage are different, too.

Palo Alto roofing tips

The difference calls for a different approach in terms to maintenance, so here are a few tips about how to keep moisture off your flat roof:

  • Pay increased attention to drainage – while regular gutter and roof surface cleaning is important in the case of slanting roofs, they are essential for flat roofs. The best way to make sure that your flat roof does not suffer because of ponding water is to ensure that the gutter pipes and drains installed around your flat roof are always free from clogs. You will also need to clean the roof regularly to avoid the accumulation of debris that can trap water and damage the roofing underneath;
  • Have Palo Alto roofing experts inspect the roof regularly and address the damage quickly – flat roofs need to be inspected for signs of damage more frequently than sloping roofs. The damage sustained by flat roofs cannot be assessed from the ground, so you will need to go up on the roof to check it after rainy days to find any discoloration, cracks, spots and holes. If you find any problems, make sure they are addressed in a timely manner, otherwise they can aggravate quickly.