Roofing Maintenance To-Dos for Autumn

Danville roofing fall maintenance tips

Autumn is a great time to take care of general home maintenance and make sure that your house is ship-shape in time for the coming cold months. The part of the home that needs much attention would be the roof. Autumn and Winter will bring with them a lot of challenges for your home and with that said, here are a few roofing maintenance to-dos for Autumn.

General Cleaning – Winds and bad weather will gather much debris on your roof. The best thing to start with would be a general sweep of the entire roof. Removing any debris will make it easier to spot any damage that the roof may have suffered over time. Pay close attention to the gutters as well, as they are prone to get clogged if no cleaning has been done for some time.

Trim Your Neighbors – Those were the trees near your house, of course. Leave your real neighbors alone. Jokes aside, any trees close to the house should be attended to by trimming the branches close to your roof and windows. During a severe storm, they could pose a threat to your roof, as well as the wall’s siding and do additional damage on their way to the ground.

Inspecting the Attic – Any unseen damage on your roof may show up inside the attic. With a flashlight, have a look along with the ceiling and most importantly, check the support beams and insulation for a sign of moisture and rot. The presence of moisture will surely be the cause of damage to the roof.

Repair What Needs Repairing – Lastly, any present damage should be attended to and repaired immediately by Danville roofing experts so that no area remains vulnerable during bad, or in some cases extreme weather. Any damaged or peeled off shingles should be replaced and any mold present on the shingles should be cleaned.

Understanding the Various Roofing Certifications and Licenses

A roofing certification is typically acquired after a roof inspection has been done. The process is different from a home inspection and in involves the inspector climbing on the roof and assessing its current state determining whether or not the roof is in a satisfactory condition. A certified roof means that the roof is in a good condition, not presenting any leaks and can last for another 2-3 years, depending on the state. Experts, like those found at Los Gatos Roofing, offer the following advice:

Los Gatos Roofing offers Skills, abilities and knowlwdgeMost of the time, a roof certification is commissioned by people who want to sell their property and want to offer the buyer a guarantee that the roof is in good condition for the coming years. The certification may vary depending on location. If the current state of the roof presents many issue and damages, the roof cannot be certified until the said issues are fixed.

Certification is being granted only after it is inspected by a licensed roofing inspector. A roofing inspector needs to have the necessary license to make sure that it complies with all the current laws in a state. To acquire a roofing license, a roofing contractor must pass certain exams required by the city or county government that they want to operate in. Some websites give in detail the requirements of each county that are necessary before obtaining a roofing license.

Working with a roofer that does not have a license is risky and unadvisable as the roofer may not be insured and the homeowner may become financially viable. They may also do a terrible job at inspecting the roof and also may not be familiar with the necessary codes required for a roof to receive certification.


The Most Significant Signs That Your Gutters Have Been Damaged

Are you worried that your gutters might be damaged and you might have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new gutter system? Before you start to panic or check your bank account if you have enough money to afford it, it’s important to first take the necessary steps to see whether or not the damage is real and to assess how serious the situation might be.

Danville roofing pros repair gutters

Gutter damage usually follows severe storms, as well as snow storms or hail storms. What happens is usually the wind or hail damages part of the gutter system or dislodges it from where it should be. As a result, rainwater no longer flows down the shaft as it should, and may trickle down your walls, damaging your siding over time or even causing your basement to flood or your home’s foundation to need repairs. Having gutter repair Danville roofing pros inspect your roof and gutters after a storm is the best course of action.

Another sign that your gutter was damaged has to do with rust and the effect that water pooled due to the clogging of your gutters might have. In some instances, debris such as fallen leaves or parts of a bird’s nest might have found their way into your gutter system and clogged it. Later on, the water trapped at the surface could have caused your gutters to rust or you could notice other signs of water damage – including water weighing too heavily on the system and bending it out of shape.

How California Weather Might Be Damaging to Your Home

The weather in California can be quite hot for most of the year, and if you ask Californians, most of them never even saw snow during their lifetimes. However, that’s not to say that the climate in the area is always pleasant.

Contact San Jose roofing contractors to make sure your roofing system can hold up tp all types of California weather conditions

Weather conditions can be quite damaging to your home if you don’t take proper precautions, and due to its closeness to the Pacific, hurricanes and powerful storms can often make their way to the mainland, causing disastrous damage.

Taking earthquakes out of the equation – not because they’re not damaging, but because they’re not weather problems – we are typically left with wind, hail, rainfall, intense heat and occasional hurricanes being the most damaging when it comes to what can affect a typical California home. Fires are also on the agenda, as forest fires are quite often a debilitating result of the warm, dry weather in California.

As a result, the fire and wind protection rating of your roof and siding should be quite high. Also, roof coating and the use of advanced materials for roofing shingles and flashing should help keep hail storms and rainwater at bay. Contact San Jose roofing contractors to make sure your roofing materials can protect your home.

In most cases, it’s the unpredictability of the weather that causes the most problems for California residents. As such, it’s important to take all the precautions as soon as you move there, and make sure you use proper maintenance and occasional home inspections to your advantage.

Is It Important to Keep Your Roof Clean?

San Ramon roofer performs excellent roofing services

Yes, roof cleaning is an essential task to take care of for any building owner who wants to preserve their roof is good condition from installation until the decision to replace the building component. Here is why:

  • The best way to prevent leaks – most leaks appear because the debris that accumulates on the top of the roof covering and in the gutters absorbs and locks in water and the debris-water combination prevents the roofing cover from drying properly after rainy or snowy periods. The constant presence of moisture weakens the roofing cover and hinders its ability to repel water, eventually leading to the appearance of leaks, first in the attic, then in the building interior;
  • The best way to prevent the appearance of mold, mildew and algae infestations – mold spores, algae and mildew also thrive and proliferate in moist areas and beside weakening the roof, they also cause unsightly spots on the room. Fortunately, these issues are easy to remove, all you need is some suitably chemical for the treatment;
  • The best way to maintain or to improve curb appeal – a clean roof is an attractive roof, so removing dirt from your roof is essential if you need to or want to improve your home’s curb appeal.

To ensure curb appeal, minimize mold and leaks, schedule an affordable San Ramon roofer to complete routine inspections and repairs as needed.

Deciding on a Cost Effective Roofing Material

The roof is your home`s best ally against weather; it provides you protection and comfort, therefore you should always consider the best options when you install a roof above your head. However, a roof also represents a big financial investment, so it is natural to look for cost effective Livermore roofing solutions.

cost effective Livermore roofing solutions

Cost effective doesn`t mean cheap, because choosing cheap materials and workmanship is a mistake that you will likely regret soon enough. A cost effective Livermore roofing solution is the one that reflects the best ratio between price, durability, sustainability and energy-efficiency.

Here are our suggestions.

Asphalt shingles

These are still the most popular roofing materials in the country, because they are affordable but also provide decent longevity (up to 25 years) and overall durability. It is not the most sustainable material, considering that it is petroleum-based, but it is recyclable.


A metal roof is more expensive than an asphalt roof, but its lifespan is also twice as long. Metal is impact resistant, fire proof, 100% recyclable and requires no special maintenance.

Plastic Polymer

This is an incredibly durable roofing material (50+ years) and also very versatile, designed to mimic wood or slate, but requiring less maintenance and being more affordable. Plastic polymer roofs have great impact resistance and they are also very energy efficient.


Making the Most Out of Fire-Resistant Techniques and Materials Designed for Your Roof

Depending on where you live, fires can be very easy to create. Areas where the humidity level is quite low can be most prone to fires and fire damage, especially if your home uses materials such as wood, which have a very low fire resistance rating.

fire resistant roofing

To make sure you can protect your home from fire, protecting your roof can be of major importance. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that goal:

  1. Fire-resistant coating is often the best way to do it. Even a roof that is prone to fire will last a lot longer, and most types of coating are easy to apply, so it won’t take too long to implement this plan.
  2. Buy a metal roof to make sure you never have to worry about fire damage. Metal is strong and resilient, and its fire resistance rating is outstanding. Some metal roofs can withstand more than a thousand degrees quite easily, and combined with various types of coating, they’ll last even longer. Look for more details at
  3. Concrete and slate roofing are also a good choice, albeit a more expensive one. However, if you want fire protection and style, they are your best choice.

Avoid wood and low quality roofing systems. Wood and cheap roofing systems have the lowest fire resistance abilities. By avoiding them in areas prone to fires, you can possibly save your home and even your own life, depending on the circumstances

How Hard or Easy Is It to Clean Your Roof Properly?

Whether you just bought your first home, or you moved to the countryside from the city, never having owned a house before, you might be wondering just how difficult is it to clean your roof. Should you just try to do it yourself on a Sunday afternoon, or would it be better to hire a professional team of Palo Alto roofing cleaners that has good experience with roof cleaning and maintenance?

Palo Alto roofing cleaners

While the latter might be a good choice, most homeowners would prefer to save a little money. So let’s first take a look at what it would take to clean your roof properly and thoroughly.

First you have to make sure you know as much as possible about your current roofing system. How old is it? What type of material is it made from? Does it have some sort of coating? How well does it resist against water damage?

This information will tell you what you need to know about the types of techniques you can use to clean your roof. For instance, a leaky, fragile or older roof might be prone to further damage if you use water under high pressure to clean it. Metal roofing systems that have lost their protective coating are equally tricky, since they’re prone to rust.

If you’re running into any of these problems, it’s important to first contact your local roofers at least to gain some insight. Their advice will help you find out if you can use conventional cleaning methods to clean your roof, or if some repairs are necessary beforehand.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan?

Los Gatos Roofing roof replacement

Roof replacement is among the most expensive home improvement projects that homeowners can be faced with, but fortunately, there are many things that homeowners can do to prolong the lifespan of their roof and to postpone that dreaded investment – here are some:

  • Regular roof cleaning – accumulated debris is among the worst enemies of roofs. The dust, leaves, twigs, feathers and other forms of debris carried by the wind gather on the surface of the roof, then they absorb and keep in the moisture from the air and rain water, preventing the roof from drying properly after rainy periods. The process compromises the integrity of the roof and causes leaks and other forms of damage, but it is easy to prevent with roof cleaning done twice a year;
  • Regular gutter cleaning – clogged gutters direct the water that rolls down on the side of the roof back to the walls and the roof, so having clog-free gutters is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your roof;
  • Timely repairs – any roofing and gutter-related issue is easier to remedy when it is still minor, so the best way to increase your roof’s lifespan is to address any of its problems right away after noticing the issue.

To ensure the longevity of your roof, look here to schedule all your roofing maintenance tasks.

The Best Materials for Attic Insulation for California Homes

Palo Alto roofing insulation

The warm, Mediterranean climate that dominates California is surely welcoming and comfortable, but the state is so large that it has polar and subtropical climate areas as well. This also means that the insulation used in the attics of local homes need to be able to protect building interiors against scorching heat as well as against extreme cold. Attic insulation being essential not only for your Palo Alto  home’s energy efficiency, but also for creating a healthy and comfortable interior in any of the state’s climate zones, here are a few of the most common insulation materials used by Palo Alto roofing experts:
– Fiberglass batting – the cheapest, easiest-to-install insulation material (the batts are simply pushed into the stud spaces in the wood frame installed on the surface to be insulated), suitable not only for insulating the attic, but for the walls as well;
– Spray foam – this type of material is blown onto the surface to be insulated. It is somewhat more expensive than the previous type, but it has a longer lifespan and it seals the surface perfectly, preventing thermal exchange as well as water leaks;
– Loose fill insulation – made from smaller particles of cellulose or mineral, loose fill insulation is a great, efficient and affordable solution, but the particles tend to settle over time, which might lead to diminished insulation capacity.