Spring Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is definitely an operation to include in your spring cleaning, whether they did or did not make it through the winter without getting clogged.

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If the gutters had to withstand a harsh winter and are now clogged with debris, spring rainfalls will create you a lot of problems. That`s why you should remove everything that is stick inside them (it may be dirt, dried leaves, twigs, bird nests etc.) and test them by using a garden hose to fill them with water and see if it flows freely. This test is also useful to see whether there are holes in the gutters. In this case, replacements are in order.

Remember that if water cannot run through the gutters, it will overflow onto your roof and cause some serious damage to your house. Routine gutter cleaning in the beginning of spring will help you avoid costs related to roof or siding repairs, as well as altered indoor comfort. Additionally, when you have excess moisture on the roof because off a clogged or damaged drainage system, you also risk attracting mosquitoes and vermin – and nobody wants them around their house.

If you are not experienced in performing this type of roof maintenance on your own and you do not have adequate safety equipment, you can always call the gutter cleaning Pleasanton roofing specialists.

Pros and Cons of DIY Roof Repairs

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Nowadays, we can find all kind of tutorials on the internet that make things look easy to do – including roofing repairs. However, there are different types of roofs and different types of problems. Some can be fixed by non-specialists, while others definitely require Pleasanton roofing expertise. Besides, performing these repairs requires working at height, climbing the roof, which is dangerous unless you have proper safety equipment.

As such, there are pros and cons of DIY roofing repairs. Let`s detail this aspect.


  • Performing small repairs on your own (if you have adequate knowledge, skills, tools and you are not risking anything!) can help you save some money
  • You can do the repairs at your own peace and you do not have to worry about making a schedule to supervise the team working on your roof
  • You are fully interested in performing the best possible repairs


  • You have no professional assistance and chances are that you will need it. If you are not a trained roofer, things may get out of control and tutorials are quite simplified, so they will not help you in any situation
  • You will spend extra time and effort figuring out which are the best materials, purchasing them and having them delivered to your home
  • You get no warranty for the repairs


Increase the Efficiency of Your Home with These Upgrades

If your home is drafty, you get roof leaks all the time and the money you pay on your heating and cooling bills seems money wasted and thrown out the window, here are some upgrades that require investment of time, energy and money, but are definitely worth it:

San Jose roof repair

– Roof repairs, partial or complete replacement – some types of roof leaks can be repaired, others, especially extensive or frequently recurring ones, can be addressed only if the roofing is replaced. To know for sure which of the two categories your roof belongs to, call knowledgeable San Jose roofing contractors to inspect your roof and tell you how sever the roofing damage is and what the best way to solve the problem is;

– Window repairs or window replacement – if the windows on your building are in good shape, but there are cracks in the wall areas surrounding the windows, you can easily restore your home’s energy efficiency with some caulk, but if the windows are old and inefficient, investing into new windows might be a reasonable upgrade;

– Programmable thermostats – these great, modern devices will make sure the temperatures in your rooms are kept at optimal levels all over the home and you will not pay for heating or cooling rooms that you don’t use that much.

How a New Roof Can Ease Your Peace of Mind

Fremont roofing peace of mind

There are various ways how a new roof on your home can give you peace of mind – here are some:

  • Reduced utility bills – new roofs improve the energy-efficiency of the building they are installed on they year around, reducing your heating and cooling bills as well and improving your financial security;
  • Increased resale value for your home – a new roof is a great investment if you want to sell your home any time soon. Many potential buyers bring their own roofers to inspect the roof on the building they want to buy and a positive Fremont roofing professional opinion will give you a great negotiation position;
  • Great curb appeal – a building with a brand-new roof on is a delight to look at and will make you feel great and proud whenever you catch sight of your property;
  • A healthier environment – a new roof will make sure that the space underneath it is properly ventilated and reduces the risk of the appearance and mildew inside the home, both very dangerous for your household;
  • Less maintenance – new roofs need to be regularly inspected and cleaned, but they will probably not develop any significant issues for at least a couple of years after the installation.

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Are Your Shingles Strong Enough?

Making sure your shingle roof is strong enough for you to walk on is important not only for ensuring the safety of your home, but also for the safety of your entire Freemont household. Shingle roofs are certainly among the best, most affordable roofing solutions you can have, but if you want your shingles to provide the strength, durability and safety that you expect them to, you need to take proper of your roof – here is how:

  • Helpful Fremont roofing contractors will clean, inspect, and repair your roof before the first snow – shingle roofs can be severely damaged by the debris on them. The dried leaves, twigs and dirt carried by the wind and deposited on roofs absorb moisture and damage the shingles underneath, so removing all the debris that has accumulated on your shingle roof until the end of fall is essential for maintaining its strength. When the roof is clean, go up and check it for damaged components – look for curled or buckling shingles, shingles with the topmost layer of mineral granules missing, dented or torn shingles and replace them all. Check the gutters and the gutter fasteners as well – they also need cleaning, inspection and repair before the first snow;

 cleaning snow from a roof

  • Remove snow if it is too thick – a thin blanket of snow can be supported by most roofs, but too much snow can cause your shingle roof to collapse, so get a roof rake and remove excessive amounts of snow whenever necessary.

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How Insulation Can Help Your California Home

In any building and in any geographic area, insulation is the building component used for preventing temperature fluctuations inside the building, for protecting the interior not only against the cold coming from outside, but against the heat as well.

In areas like California that get not only hot weather, but also wide temperature fluctuations during the course of the same day, having San Jose roofers install insulation of the right type and thickness is the best way to keep cooling bills at bay and to make sure that homes stay comfortably cool even when the temperature outside is really high.

heat loss detection

Insulation is any Californian homeowner’s number one ally when it comes to thermal balance – the thick blanket of mineral wool or other insulating material spread underneath the roof, usually on the floor of the attic, keeps the heat in outside when the weather gets scorching and it also keeps the temperature in your rooms comfortably warm when temperatures drop in the evenings or during the few chilly days of the year. Insulation that is made from the right material, is sufficiently thick and installed properly can cut your energy bills by a staggering 40% compared to the bills paid by the owner of an uninsulated home of the same size as yours, so if you live in California, thermal insulation is a must for energy-efficient living.

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Safety Tips for Decorating Your Roof for The Holidays

Outdoor decorations are essential for setting everyone in the holiday mood, but you need to make sure that the decorations as well as the installation process are safe to be able to make the most of your embellished home. Here is how: holiday decorated home

  • Preparations – check all the decorations that you want to install to see if they work properly, then also check the roof area where you want to install your decorations to make sure it is strong enough for your decorations;
  • Don’t do it on your own – per safety conscious Pleasanton roofing pros, it is not a good idea to do any work on your roof when there is no one else around, so get someone who will hold your ladder, hand you tools and can help you in case of an emergency;
  • Dress for the job – wearing proper safety garments is also essential for a safe roof decoration process – put on non-slip boots, work gloves and a helmet to protect yourself from accidents;
  • Use decorations that are safe to be used outdoors – holiday lights come in types that can only be used indoors and types that are meant for being used outside. Make sure that the light strings that you are just about to install are suitable for exterior usage.

Home Maintenance To-Do List

November is a busy time for any responsible homeowner – there are lots of home maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of before the cold weather settles in and the first snow comes. Here are some important things to do around your house:

home maintenance

  • Trim the trees that have branches overhanging your roof to prevent any damage caused by falling tree limbs;
  • Clean your roof and your gutters and have Livermore roofing pros take care of necessary repairs – start with roof cleaning, then de-clog your gutters and perform a thorough inspection to find any damaged roof components or faulty gutters. If you find any issues, repair them or hire a roofer for repairing them for you;
  • Check the siding on your home, too – the siding plays an important protection and insulation role on your building, so inspect your panels and correct any issues, such as cracks or signs of water damage;
  • Move any outdoor furniture and appliances indoors – the chairs, tables and the grill are better off inside;
  • Remove water from your irrigation system – water left to freeze inside your irrigation pipes can break the pipes and make them unusable by next year;
  • Clean your chimneys, test and maintain your heating system – making sure that your heating system is working properly is essential for avoiding discomfort and costly repairs when temperatures are already very low outside.


Important Things to Tell Your Roofer About Your Home

A good roofer can find out a lot about your roof by simply looking at it from the ground and inspecting it from up there, but even so, there are many important details that you need to inform your roofer about before starting a roof repair or roof replacement project – here are some:

San Jose roofing companyThe age of the roof – roofing systems are warranted for a specific amount of time and as they are approaching the end of their estimated lifespan, they may start to weaken unnoticeably, without showing any visible signs in the beginning. The methods used for handling issues related to old roofs are different from the methods that work on young roofs, so the age of your roof are very important details for your San Jose roofing company to consider;

  • Previous issues – your roofer will also need to know whether your roof has been extensively repaired already, whether it suffered leaks, whether the flashing on it has been replaced, so make sure you tell him about all the previous issues and repairs;
  • What you want – tell your roofer about your preferences in terms of the materials to be used, the features to be added, such as skylights or solar panels and any other requirement that you may have.

Signs It’s Time to Trim The Branches Around Your Home

tree damage roof repair

Large trees provide shade and look great around your home, but you need to take care of them to make sure they are not only beautiful, but safe to have as well. Pruning and trimming are two of the most important activities that you should perform and not only to preserve the health of your trees, but for preventing damage caused by falling tree limbs and branches. Here are a few signs that tell you trimming cannot be postponed much longer:

  • Broken or limp branches – branches that have been partially torn by a storm or have partially broken because of their own weight need to be cut off as soon as you notice them, otherwise you risk dangerous situations if the damage branch falls;
  • Cracks on the bark – deep cracks on the bark are usually caused by rot and are signs that the tree is very ill or dying, so you either need to trim it extensively or to cut it off completely;
  • The presence of dead wood – if you see dead twigs, dead branches or larger parts that have dried out, you need to get rid of the damaged parts before they come off on their own.

If you find that your roof has been damaged by tree branches, or for any reason, San Jose roofers offer expert repair services.