How Do You Compare Roofing Estimates Between Two Different Roofers?

When it comes to repairing or replacing an older roof, having the right estimates for your project can go a long way towards helping you manage your plans and strategies for home improvement and remodeling more easily. As a result, it’s important to also know how to compare roofing estimates and decide on the best roofer that you should hire for the job.

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The easiest way to do this is by contacting two different recommended Danville roofing contractors and asking for a detailed estimate and a complete roof inspection. That way, you’ll have a detailed view on your project and how much the repairs or replacement tasks you need help with will actually cost.

Make sure you also inform your roofers about the type of work you will want. For example, if you want to get your roof repaired, don’t get talked into a replacement job that might cost a few thousand dollars more. If the roofer tells you that there’s no practical way to repair your roof, and that it has to be replaced, consider getting a second opinion and then discussing the options you might have with multiple Danville roofing experts, to get more details on what needs to be done. Asking all of them for a written quote can help a lot with comparing estimates and deciding on the best roofer to hire.

What is the Lifespan of Common Roofing Materials

How long your roof will actually last depends on many different factors, including the climate in your region, how much attention you pay to roof maintenance and the average lifespan of the material used. Talk to local Danville roofing experts for the specifics of your needs to determine what will work best for your home or business.

 Danville roofing experts can suggest the best roofing materials for your home or business

In the meantime, in general, here is how much the different materials can be expected to stay on your building among ideal circumstances:

  • Asphalt shingles – the solution is affordable and attractive and it comes with an average life expectancy of 20-30 years;
  • Metal – the sheets and shingles made from various metal alloys can protect your building for about half a century. The most expensive type of metal roofing, copper, can last for up to a century;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these attractive and durable materials can easily last for more than a century. If you are planning to use clay or cement for your new roof, make sure that your building is suitable for receiving the new roof – both materials are quite heavy and can be used only on buildings that can hold the extra weight;
  • Built-up roofs – these roofs consist of alternated layers of bitumen and gravel or other aggregate and with proper maintenance, they can live for 20-30 years;
  • Wood shingles – the material is not cheap and it is not recommended for buildings in very humid and very arid areas. In the right climate area, wood shingle roofs can last for 30-35 years.

What Roofing Materials are the Most Durable

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The main role of a roof is to provide protection against the weather, for at least a couple of decades. However, this is possible only if resistant materials are used during the installation, and the joints and holes are properly sealed.

In order to fulfill its purpose successfully, any roof cover needs to have certain characteristics, and in order to choose the most durable solution, several factors must be taken into account:

  • The heat and the ultraviolet rays determine the wear of the cover over time. Deterioration can occur faster on the west or south oriented sides.
  • When water penetrates under the cover, it may cause rot in the roof structure. The additional humidity encourages mold development vulnerability of other components of the building structure, such as walls, ceilings, insulation, and even damage to electrical systems.
  • Strong winds can lift the edges of the cover materials and force water beneath them.
  • Melted snow often freezes on the colder edges of the roof, forming ice dams. This prevents the correct drainage of water through the pluvial system, allowing its infiltration in the walls and in the basement, affecting the structure of the building.
  • Condensation can for due to temperature and humidity levels and leads to degradation of the roof structure. Efficient ventilation is essential.
  • The reliability of the roofing materials. Nowadays, there is a variety of roofing materials, suitable for all types buildings, raised in areas with different climates. Generally, the most durable roofing materials are slate, metal and ceramic tiles, but the resistance depends on other factors such as the correct installation, local climate and periodic maintenance.
  • For additional information, talk to well regarded Danville roofing contractors for expert roofing insight and quality installation and repairs.


Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

The best way to find local Danville roofing contractors is through word of mouth and via a quick internet search, but after you have found at least four or five, potentially suitable roofers who you can ask to provide written cost estimates for your project, the personal meeting is essential.

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Here are a few things to ask potential contractors:

  • Qualifications, certificates, licenses and bonds – a reliable roofer is willing to show you all the documents that prove their knowledge and experience, so make sure to ask for and to check all these documents;
  • References – good roofers are proud of their work, so they probably have a portfolio to show you;
  • A project roadmap – ask the roofer to tell you exactly how they will handle the different phases of your project and also find out about the size and the composition of the roofing team that will work on your project;
  • Material options – Danville roofing materials come in various quality levels and you also have lots of options in terms of colors and textures. Talk to your roofer about these aspects, too – most good roofers have an excellent sense of style and they can recommend you great solutions that will enhance your property’s curb appeal.

How to Find a Trusted Danville Roofer

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If you are in need of a reliable roofing contractor, but you have heard so many bad things about unreliable or unprofessional roofers, here are some tips about how to find a trusted Danville roofing contractor that you can count on:

  • Talk to your neighbors – look at the roofs in your street or in your neighborhood and try to ask for advice from the owners of buildings that have roofs similar to yours. The people you talk to will probably give you some recommendations that can get you started;
  • Check online – the internet is a great resource for information about services. You will surely find lots of websites operated by roofers where they present themselves and their previous work and you will also find websites on which people who used roofing services share their opinions – make sure to consult both types of websites;
  • Contact the roofers personally – you can visit them at their registered address or you can call them to tell them about your project. Ideally, you roofer will visit the roofing site to be able to produce an accurate cost estimate;
  • Request multiple cost estimates and evaluate them carefully – compare the estimates in terms of warranties, materials and deadlines and choose the contractor who provided the most reasonable estimate and who inspires the most trust.

The Benefits of Gutter Leaf Guards

Leaf guards are simple, but ingenious, modern solutions that keep any debris away from your gutters. Here are the benefits of installing gutter guards:

  • Solutions for any gutter – leaf guards come in many different types, including half pipes that fit into the gutter pipe to hold up any debris, such as leaves, twigs and dust or guards that look like thick tubes made from sponge or like brushes;

Danville roofing gutter guards

  • Keeping all debris away – debris accumulation jeopardizes the efficiency and the health of your gutter by forming clogs that prevent the flow of water and that accumulate moisture, drag down your gutter pipes and damage the interior of your gutter pipes. Danville roofing gutter guards prevent all these issues by preventing the accumulation of any debris in the gutter pipe;
  • Easy cleaning – gutter guards need to be cleaned regularly to eliminate the debris that they hold up, but they are much easier to clean than gutter pipes – most types can be removed with one quick movement on the hand and the debris they have accumulated can be swept off or shaken off easily;
  • Prolonged life for your gutters – new gutters are not cheap, so the small investment into gutter guards will protect your investment into your gutters. Gutter pipes that are not directly exposed to the elements live longer and protect your home more efficiently.

The Most Common Causes of Roof Repairs

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Roofs are structures that can resist a lot, but the issues they can be affected by are also varied – here are some of the most common causes for roofing issues:

  • Aging – no roof lives forever and roofing issues tend to increase in frequency as the roof is approaching the end of its lifetime;
  • Broken or missing roof covering components – displaced or missing shingles and tiles, shingles that no longer have the topmost layer of mineral granules, broken or otherwise damaged flashing stripes are all among the common causes of roofing problems, especially of leaks;
  • General negligence – neglecting Danville roofing maintenance tasks and failing to address roof issues in a timely manner usually lead to the premature failure of any roof;
  • Improper attic insulation and roof ventilation – when the hot air that rises from the lower levels of the building meets the cold air in the attic in winter, the process often results in the appearance of condense, that is, of excessive moisture in the attic space that is so damaging for the entire roof structure. Proper insulation installed on the attic floor, along with suitable vents installed on the roof can solve the problem easily, what’s more, these repair measures will also improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Roofing Maintenance To-Dos for Autumn

Danville roofing fall maintenance tips

Autumn is a great time to take care of general home maintenance and make sure that your house is ship-shape in time for the coming cold months. The part of the home that needs much attention would be the roof. Autumn and Winter will bring with them a lot of challenges for your home and with that said, here are a few roofing maintenance to-dos for Autumn.

General Cleaning – Winds and bad weather will gather much debris on your roof. The best thing to start with would be a general sweep of the entire roof. Removing any debris will make it easier to spot any damage that the roof may have suffered over time. Pay close attention to the gutters as well, as they are prone to get clogged if no cleaning has been done for some time.

Trim Your Neighbors – Those were the trees near your house, of course. Leave your real neighbors alone. Jokes aside, any trees close to the house should be attended to by trimming the branches close to your roof and windows. During a severe storm, they could pose a threat to your roof, as well as the wall’s siding and do additional damage on their way to the ground.

Inspecting the Attic – Any unseen damage on your roof may show up inside the attic. With a flashlight, have a look along with the ceiling and most importantly, check the support beams and insulation for a sign of moisture and rot. The presence of moisture will surely be the cause of damage to the roof.

Repair What Needs Repairing – Lastly, any present damage should be attended to and repaired immediately by Danville roofing experts so that no area remains vulnerable during bad, or in some cases extreme weather. Any damaged or peeled off shingles should be replaced and any mold present on the shingles should be cleaned.

The Most Significant Signs That Your Gutters Have Been Damaged

Are you worried that your gutters might be damaged and you might have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new gutter system? Before you start to panic or check your bank account if you have enough money to afford it, it’s important to first take the necessary steps to see whether or not the damage is real and to assess how serious the situation might be.

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Gutter damage usually follows severe storms, as well as snow storms or hail storms. What happens is usually the wind or hail damages part of the gutter system or dislodges it from where it should be. As a result, rainwater no longer flows down the shaft as it should, and may trickle down your walls, damaging your siding over time or even causing your basement to flood or your home’s foundation to need repairs. Having gutter repair Danville roofing pros inspect your roof and gutters after a storm is the best course of action.

Another sign that your gutter was damaged has to do with rust and the effect that water pooled due to the clogging of your gutters might have. In some instances, debris such as fallen leaves or parts of a bird’s nest might have found their way into your gutter system and clogged it. Later on, the water trapped at the surface could have caused your gutters to rust or you could notice other signs of water damage – including water weighing too heavily on the system and bending it out of shape.

Finding a Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

There are many roofing contractors everywhere in the country and getting the best of the best is definitely not simple. Some of them are new in the business and lack professional experience, others are specialized on aspects that may not interest you (for example, if you are a homeowner, you must look for a roofer specialized in residential roofing, not in commercial roofing). You must also be aware that, in the process of finding a roofing contractor, you may encounter scammers and it is important to know how to identify them and stay away from them.

So, how can you find a trustworthy Danville roofing contractor?

Look for roofers that offer adequate warranties

A warranty is a proof of a contractor`s professionalism and reliability. Without adequate warranty, you may get poor job and low quality materials that will get you back to the contractor`s services sooner than necessary.

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Hire a certified and experienced roofer

License and certifications, as well as the proof that the roofing company has been around for a while, are indicators that a roofer is committed to its work, familiar with local building codes and other important regulations, as well as trusted in the community.

Hire a Danville roofer with good ratings from previous customers

Always check the roofing company with the Better Business Bureau, because you have access to information that helps you make a comprehensive evaluation of a business.