A Few Simple Roof Maintenance Tips That Can Save You a Lot of Money

Roof maintenance is a big issue to consider while trying to keep your roof alive and well for as long as possible. According to Fremont roofing advisors, the following maintenance tasks could not only help with that but also assist you in saving a lot of money over time:

Freemont roofing maintenance

  • Check for damage as frequently as possible, especially after a powerful storm. A lot of people leave this task for the beginning of summer and the end of autumn, not realizing that some storms can really do a number on their roofs. It’s especially important to check for smaller leaks, as they can cause a lot of damage to the internal structure of your roof before they become blatantly visible.
  • Cleaning your roof properly is another maintenance task that can help you save a lot of money. Some items and debris can create valleys that hold water and snow more easily. The result could be that the water will press harder on your roof or freeze and develop ice dams once the winter comes.
  • Check for mold and make sure you use a mold testing kit in the process. Being unable to discover existing mold can lead to the rapid deterioration of your roof and may also cause health issues to you and anyone living in your home, if the internal areas of the roof and attic are also affected.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Fremont roofing contractors inspect and repair leaking roofs

The main causes of a roof leak are defects of the roof cover, damaged thermal insulation layer, failure of the drainage system and problems with the flashing. The level of damage can vary; some of the leaks require minor repairs, while others require specialized intervention and more complex work, including replacing the entire roof cover. Defects that cause roof leaks are caused by many factors:

  • using poor quality roof materials and fasteners
  • the normal wear and tear as a result of atmospheric exposure and age
  • technological violations during installation;
  • mechanical deterioration of the roof in the process of cleaning it or removing snow and ice
  • biological destruction of cover and roof structures (the appearance of moss, algae etc.)

And, although the cause of a leak can be determined theoretically, it can be difficult to find it, because water can travel along beams and pipes and show up quite far from the infiltration point.

In addition, even the most reliable roofing materials can become vulnerable in certain conditions, because there is o such thing as perfect sealing: wind gusts can blow both snow and raindrops under the cover. So, if you experience a roof leak, you must call a reputable Fremont roofing contractor to perform a complete inspection and identify the best solutions to fix the problem.

The Most Common Roofing Problems

The roof on your building takes lots of beating from the elements and even the strongest, most durable roof can get damaged when exposed to harsh weather, so here are some of the most common roofing problems that you should address immediately when you notice them to avoid the aggravation of the issue:

call Fremont roofing repair contractors

  • Water damage – leaks are certainly the most common issues that affect roofs. The first step is to call Fremont roofing repair contractors to identify the leak source, followed by the replacement of the damaged roof component that has allowed to enter the area underneath the roof;
  • Damage caused by overhanging trees – the large, old trees with branches overhanging your roof might be valuable components of your landscape, but dead tree limbs can fall on your roof, breaking or cracking roof components. If the damage is already done, replace the broken components, then inspect your tree and cut off any limbs that pose the risk of falling;
  • Water pooling – over time, your roof slope can become uneven, a process that prevents the proper drainage of rainwater. Prolonged exposure to ponding water can damage any roofing material as well as the components adjacent to the roof, such as the gutters, so make sure to remedy the issue urgently.

The Advantages of Attic Insulation – What You Need to Know

While many people consider the benefits of installing a brand new roof or hiring a contractor to provide them with maintenance services for their HVAC systems, many homeowners tend to ignore the importance of attic insulation.

Fremont roofing insulation

As you know, insulation is what helps your home retain the heat that your heating system produces. Without it, the heat would escape during the winter, and your gas bill would be much higher.

The reason why attic insulation is more important than any other type of insulation is that it protects  what is probably the most sensitive areas of your home. When strong winds hit your house, the winter cold will typically enter through the roof and the attic, then make its way to the rest of your home. As a result of this, with adequate attic insulation, your home will retain much more of its heat.

Attic insulation also has the role of regulating the temperature and humidity levels in your roof and attic. According to Fremont roofing insulation experts, with the right amount of insulation, there will be no excessive heat build-up that would lead to excessive moisture and mold. Also, pests can be avoided, and your roof will have a much greater life span than it otherwise would, were it to be affected by improperly chosen or poorly installed attic insulation.

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Fremont metal roofing

Metal is a strong and versatile material that can be used for many things, including roofs. Metal roofs have been around for decades – made from steel, aluminum, copper or various metal alloys, metal roofing panels and shingles enjoy great popularity due to the features and benefits it offers. Here are some:

  • Low costs – metal roofs are cheap to buy and cheap to own. Once installed, your metal roof will not require you to make any additional investment, except the costs of regular inspections and minor repairs;
  • Low maintenance – metal roofs are resistant and durable structures that don’t need any special maintenance. Like any component of your building envelope, your metal roof will also need to be inspected and cleaned regularly by Fremont roofing inspection specialists, but the issues detected during the inspections (if any) are likely to be minor and easy to correct;
  • Perfect for any climate area – the smooth surface of metal roofs lets snow slip off easily; the wide range of color options allow building owners to choose the hue that best suits their climate region (light colors for hot areas and darker colors for colder places) and metal roofs can be fitted with the insulation to form a really efficient thermal barrier between the building interior and the world outside.

How to Track Roofing Leaks: Steps to Take When Your Roof Begins to Leak

During the fall, when there are a lot of storms and the weather is typically rainy, it’s quite common for the leaks in your roof to start showing themselves. Whether they were caused by parasites or by summer hailstorms, you can be sure that the fall season will reveal them. But how do you reveal their exact whereabouts, so you can deal with them and have your roof fixed once and for all?

Fremont roofing repair

Damaged flashing and shingles are a sure sign that that’s where the leak originated. However, if there are multiple leaks, you’ll have to trace them from your attic or even from your interior walls inside your rooms or kitchen area. This might be a more difficult prospect that would require you to ask for help from a local Fremont roofing repair contractor.

It’s also not uncommon to experience leaks even a day or so after the rain has stopped. A clogged or damaged gutter area can also be one of the culprits. If your gutter system is clogged, chances are that rainwater is able to build up in certain parts of your roof as well, as it won’t flow down as easily. If there is a crack or a damaged part of the flashing in that area, then you might experience constant leaking even when there’s no storm.

Safety Tips for Decorating Your Roof for The Holidays

Roof decorations are integral parts of the holiday season, but you need to observe a series of safety regulations to ensure the safety of the installation process as well as the proper functioning of the decoration. Here are some:

  • Illumination – if your holiday decoration includes lights as well, make sure to use to use only lights suitable for being installed outdoors and also check whether they work properly while on the ground;
  • Make sure your ladder or your scaffolding are safe – test the structures that you climb on to ensure your safety while high up;
  • Wear proper safety gear – work gloves, work boots and a helmet are essential for climbing up to the roof safely;

Fremont roofing inspection

  • Clear the roof and the gutters before installing anything – the debris that accumulates on your roof can catch fire easily, so make sure to remove all the dirt, debris, leaves and twigs that cover the surface of the roof; If needed schedule a Fremont roofing inspection and cleaning in the fall prior to holiday decorating.
  • Use the proper design – create a decoration design that is not only attractive, but safe as well. Pay attention to safety not only when it comes to the lights, but when you choose the other décor components as well and try to make the decoration as lightweight as possible.

The Most Important Steps to Take When Your Home Has Been Hit By a Storm

Storms can be quite nasty at times, and you never really know what to expect except once they’re over. The aftermath is often severe and the repairs you need to make to your home will be expensive as well.

fremont roofing inspection and repair

Fortunately, if you already have a plan of action of what to do once your home was hit by a storm, you should be able to ride the whole thing out without any financial issues:

  1. The first thing you have to do is assess the damage, and make sure your most fragile items and furniture is safe from water damage.
  2. Next, make sure you take photos of damaged areas that might be included into your insurance policy. That way you will have clear evidence to show your insurer, so that they can’t ignore your claim.
  3. Consider a roof inspection or even a complete home inspection, to make sure you have some idea of what the full extent of the damage to your home really is. You’ll have to make sure that everything from your roof to your electric wiring and gas pipes are being checked thoroughly.
  4. Get written estimates from Fremont roofing contractors for any and all roofing repairs that will need to be performed. It’s important to have a detailed assessment of what everything will cost and to avoid any issues with certain contractors charging more than they’d initially stated.

Why New Homeowners Should Pay Attention to Roof Maintenance

Many new homeowners think that moving into a new construction means that they don’t need to any maintenance for at least a couple of years. They are wrong: roofing maintenance is an ongoing process that starts tight after the construction is finished. Here is how to do it right:

  • Regular inspections – ideally, your roof needs to be inspected by a Fremont roofing pro twice a year and you will also need additional inspections after each extreme weather events, such as storms. The purpose of the inspections is to reveal any faults that could aggravate in the future;

 Fremont roofing professionals will inspect, clean, and repair your roof as needed

  • Regular cleaning – roof maintenance must also involve thorough cleaning. Whether a roof is new or old, airborne debris tends to accumulate on the surface, trapping moisture and weakening the roof underneath, so it needs to be removed;
  • Cleaning and inspections for adjacent and auxiliary components – the roof is composed of much more than just the slopes. Roofs are composed of many other parts, such as vents and gutters that play essential roles and need to be cleaned and inspected regularly as well;
  • Check your insurance policy – many insurance policies and roofing material warranties maintain their validity only if the roof has been properly maintained, so check your documents to see whether there is any task that the documents require you to handle.

What Are the Main Ways to Recycle Your Old Roofing Shingles?

recycling roofing shingles

The easiest way to recycle roofing shingles is, of course, to give them to your incredible Fremont roofing contractor. However, if you’re more interested in doing everything yourself, it’s important to know that you can recycle your shingles without the help of a roofing expert, as long as you know what you have to do.

One of the most innovative ways to use old roofing shingles is to turn them into a set of reliable stair grips. These grips will be strong enough to hold you and prevent old basement stairways from collapsing. Best of all, they’re very easy to make: simply use a knife to cut the shingle into the size and shape of the stairs, then use nails or glue to fasten it into place.

Another method to recycle old roof shingles is to add to your interior décor by fashioning them into beautiful ceiling tiles. Creating a vintage stamped ceiling that way is not too difficult, albeit it might require a sizable amount of shingles. However, once you’re done, the shingles will look great and even offer your home some added protection from the cold.

If you live in a place where ice and snow are prevalent, an anti-slip sidewalk might be a good idea to invest in. However, instead of spending a lot of money on a brand new one, you can simply use your leftover roof shingles and build a beautiful and secure sidewalk with a minimum of price and effort.