How Do You Handle Water Damage After a Roof Leak?

Roof leaks are common, but you won’t find many homeowners who responsibly and intelligently manage the water that affects their home as a result of a roof leak. What results is that, many times, the leak will make parts of the roof and attic rot and develop mold, which can lead to a lot of money being exchanged for expensive repairs and mold removal.

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Removing the water as quickly as possible is the best way to prevent this type of issue or at least minimize the damage. As soon as you locate a leak, it’s important to not just add new bucket to your attic, but also stop the leak at its source. You can temporarily patch your roof up with some plastic or wooden sheets while you wait for your roofer to arrive, or you can take matters into your own hands and fix the flashing or repair the shingles yourself. But make sure you stop the water from flowing into your house as soon as possible. Contact roof repair Livermore roofing professionals quickly for best results and minimal cleanup

If water has already flooded your decking and attic, you have to remove it using towels, sponges and dehumidifiers. Consider using a couple of powerful fans to circulate the air around your attic and a dehumidifier that can run for at least a few hours to ensure that everything is dried properly.

The Most Common Causes of California Roof Damage

Roof damage can be caused by many things – here are some of the most common causes for roof damage in California:

  • Improper installation – many homeowners in California choose to install their own roof, hoping to save some money. While some amateur roofers can do an excellent job, the risk of severe, premature roof damage is much higher with roofs installed by DIYers;
  • Wind damage – the varied terrain conditions in California are associated with varied climate and quickly changing weather systems, high winds being among the most common causes of roofing damage in the state;
  • Hail damage – hailstorms are becoming increasingly frequent in California and the storms are becoming increasingly severe as well. Most roofing materials are sensitive to the impact caused by hailstone, hail damage being another frequently encountered form of roof deterioration;

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  • Neglect – the lack of proper, regular maintenance is another frequent cause of roof damage. Count on top notch Livermore roofing pros to complete any of the following maintenance jobs with pride and quality. Any roof needs to be regularly inspected and cleaned and maintenance sessions also need to include the repair of any roof fault detected during the inspection. The gutters also need to be inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary – without maintenance, gutter pipes can get easily clogged and otherwise damaged, which can cause damage to the roof, to the walls as well as to the foundation of the house.

What is the Difference between Shingled and Tiled Roofs

The roof of a building is a very important element. Not only does it have to look good on the outside, but it has to protect the entire home from the elements. For choosing the right roof, it is important to know the aspects related to various roofing options and materials. Talking to a leading  Livermore roofing expert in your area is the best way to get detailed information about roofing materials and the related costs. Read on and lean the difference between shingled and tiled roofs.

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There are different types of shingles, but most of them are lightweight materials that put a low pressure on the roof structure. They are also flexible materials, resistant to extreme weather conditions, they do not generate condensation and maintain a high degree of hermetic seal and soundproofing, in case of rain or wind.

However, like any other material, a shingled roof also has some disadvantages. Arguably, shingles are less aesthetically appealing, but it is a matter of taste after all. Besides, in recent years, shingles started to be manufactured in a wide range of designs and colors that can enhance the aspect of any building. A shingled roof is slightly flammable and not environmentally friendly (being difficult to recycle). It does not provide adequate ventilation either, so it requires additional solutions.

On the other hand, tiles can be metallic, ceramic or made from cement. A tiled roof is an extremely durable solution, offering great benefits in terms of protection, appearance, insulation, energy efficiency and sustainability. Costs are higher, but the lifetime of a tiled roof is twice as long compared to a shingled roof.

Steps to Take When Looking for a Reputable Roof Replacement Contractor

Replacing your roof can be serious business. Unlike the task of having a few shingles fixed, roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s very essential that you find a dependable and reputable roof replacement Livermore roofing contractor to help you out with your project.

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The following steps should provide you with a great deal of assistance in that:

  1. Avoid judging solely based on feedback you find online. Reviews might not tell the whole story, and the descriptions you find online could be sorely lacking in detailed information. The best way to check whether the Livermore roofer in question is reliable is to ask them questions that you can check the answer to yourself, and see if they are more interested in guiding you honestly, or in getting a higher paying project.
  2. Get involved online and while searching for former clients of the roofer among your neighbors. Try to discuss any complaints they may have especially if it’s already been several years since the roofing project was completed.
  3. Get to know the roofer. Ask for written quotes and references, and compare their work as well as their prices to what other roofing contractors in the region might have to offer. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed choice every time you need a roof replacement contractor.

What are Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Stone-coated steel is among the most modern roofing materials, the shingles made from it enjoying huge popularity.

In the past, steel roofs used to consist of large panels, but modern steel solutions use shingle-shaped components that maintain all the great features of the larger panels. Stone-coated varieties are made from 24-gauge or 26-gauge steel covered in a rust-protective coating and a topcoat of stone powder that becomes permanently adhered to the surface and serves protection as well as aesthetic purposes.

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Stone-coated steel Livermore roofing shingles have lots of great benefits – here are some:

  • Prolonged lifespan – metal-coated steel provides a long-lived solution, offering durability of 40-70 years;
  • Resistance to adverse conditions – these special shingles can endure gale-force winds, thick layers of snow, excessive rain and they are impervious to fire and pests as well;
  • Low maintenance needs – stone-coated steel requires even less maintenance than conventional steel roofs (which are also durable). However, even these roofs need to be cleaned and inspected each year, but the inspections are not likely to reveal any faults that are difficult or costly to remedy;
  • Varied appearance – stone-coated metal shingles are available in lots of different colors, with many options in terms of finishes, so you will surely find the perfect fit for your building style.

What Will Really Happen If Your Roof Is Poorly Ventilated?

Ventilation is an aspect of roofing that is often misunderstood by homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you own a commercial or a residential roof, good ventilation is essential not only for the roofing structure to protect your home against extreme temperatures, but also to help keep the roofing system intact and free of any unwanted damage or internal structural problems.

There are many types of roof vents, including ridge vents, static vents and power vents. Each and every one of them play an important role in keeping your roof and attic properly ventilated, so as to ensure an ideal internal temperature and perfect humidity conditions even during extreme weather changes.

Let’s suppose that it’s a hot summer day, and your home doesn’t have proper roof ventilation. What happens is that the sun constantly heats your roof, and the heat will have no place to escape. The result is your attic will become like a hot furnace, heating your home further and causing your AC to work overtime.

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In the winter, improper ventilation can lead to ice dams due to higher than average humidity. The weight and pressure caused by ice dams can lead to further damage over time – damage that could easily be averted just by making sure your roof ventilation works properly. Get Livermore roofing ventilation experts to take a look and tell you what is needed to provide your home with the best protection and home temperature maintenance.

How to Talk with Your Neighbors About Roof Damage

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If you live in a condo or in some other type of housing that shares the same roof or that features a gap between your roof and the neighbor’s, talking with your neighbor about any Livermore roofing damage that has affected both roofs or only yours is certainly not easy. The discussion is not easier if the damage suffered by any of the roofs has been caused by the negligence of the other owner. Fortunately, adequate communication techniques can get you far – here is how to tackle the awkward situation:

  • Document the damage you want to discuss – using evidence about the subject matter in the discussion will take away some of the tension from the discussion;
  • Be polite and keep your calm – getting worked up about the situation can only lead to an aggravated conflict, so it is essential to maintain your calm and to stay well-mannered as well;
  • Be cooperative – the damage suffered by your roof might have been caused by a tree limb that he should have cut a long time ago, but even so, forcing him to pay for repairs that he cannot afford is not the best choice. Try to work out a solution that both of you can accept – it is the best way to maintain a good long-term relationship.

Tips for Finding the Right Roofer for Your Schedule and Budget

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The entire roofing process can cause many headaches for people, especially finding the right person to hire that suits your budget and schedule. People know that when it comes to their homes, work is never finished, there is always something that needs to be done and there are some things best left to professionals. The roofing process is an important detail that will determine the home’s readiness for bad weather.

  1. Business Experience Plays an Important Factor

If the roofer has been in business for an extended period, this is a huge giveaway that he can be trustworthy. However, this does not mean that less seasoned ones are not good at their job. The best thing would be to find out other homeowners that have worked with the particular roofer.

  1. Find Out Weather o Not the Roofer is Licensed

Depending on the city or state that you find yourself in, make sure that the roofer has the appropriate business license. They should have knowledge of the designated building codes in a particular area/city/state. And whether or not the roofer has received proper training and not just a few selves-taught tricks. Before hiring the chosen roofer, make sure they provide a copy of their insurance and certificate validation. Safety is also a huge factor and a roofer that has not undergone a safety training program may not be the right one to do the job.

  1. Know What Kind of Materials They Usually Work With

The material that is being used when roofing should be adequate to the specific home as well as the climate and durability over time. A good factory trained and certified Livermore roofing contractor can recommend the right shingles to use as well as helping you figure out different options to suit your preferences.

  1. Find out Whether or Not They Can Offer a Solid Estimated Price

Many homeowners have a limited budget that they can dedicate to home repairs and remodeling. When deciding on the right roofer for your home, a good practice would be to ask for an estimated budget and whether or not the price is given also includes the removal of the old roof. A lot of o problems can occur during the roofing process as well as unexpected expenditures.

Make sure you can trust the roofer for keeping you up to date with the process, as well as letting you know whether or not additional repairs need to be done, as well as the estimated cost. A trustworthy Livermore roofer should be able to inform you of any errors that might occur during the roofing process.

The Most Significant Benefits of Fixing Hail Damage Immediately

Hail damage can cause a lot of very real and very costly issues, if it’s left unchecked. The following are just a few of the things that you can avoid by fixing the hail damage on your roof as quickly as possible:

  • Even if the damage isn’t too bad, it can become worse over time. Plus, any broken shingles or holes drilled into your flashing could end up destroying part of the roof decking underneath, even if the leak doesn’t spread all the way to visible areas of your home’s interior.

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  • In some cases, hail damage can be so severe that, when it rains, the water trickles down both into your interior walls and alongside the exterior, causing damage not only to your attic, but to various rooms and even to your basement and foundation.
  • Hail damage can also lead to more serious fixes sometimes involving the partial or total replacement of your roof, if it’s not addressed as soon as possible.

All these issues can be avoided, if you simply hire a reliable Livermore roofing hail damage professional who can get the problem solved in a couple of days. You can then avoid spending many more hundreds or even thousands of dollars on further fixes or on replacing your entire roof, if you’re forced to.

Deciding on a Cost Effective Roofing Material

The roof is your home`s best ally against weather; it provides you protection and comfort, therefore you should always consider the best options when you install a roof above your head. However, a roof also represents a big financial investment, so it is natural to look for cost effective Livermore roofing solutions.

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Cost effective doesn`t mean cheap, because choosing cheap materials and workmanship is a mistake that you will likely regret soon enough. A cost effective Livermore roofing solution is the one that reflects the best ratio between price, durability, sustainability and energy-efficiency.

Here are our suggestions.

Asphalt shingles

These are still the most popular roofing materials in the country, because they are affordable but also provide decent longevity (up to 25 years) and overall durability. It is not the most sustainable material, considering that it is petroleum-based, but it is recyclable.


A metal roof is more expensive than an asphalt roof, but its lifespan is also twice as long. Metal is impact resistant, fire proof, 100% recyclable and requires no special maintenance.

Plastic Polymer

This is an incredibly durable roofing material (50+ years) and also very versatile, designed to mimic wood or slate, but requiring less maintenance and being more affordable. Plastic polymer roofs have great impact resistance and they are also very energy efficient.