Your Attic Ventilation Checklist: What You Need to Consider

When your heating system is working too hard, your home doesn’t expel bad air fast enough, or you have constant allergic reactions, it might be time to check your indoor ans attic/roof vents and make sure they operate as they are meant to. For that purpose, consider the following checklist on what you should look for:

  • As an early statement, before considering checking your ventilation system, make sure you find out exactly what types of vents you own and whether there is an actual ventilation system involved, or the vents are simply airways designed to air out your roof and home.
  • Now, before anything else, it’s important to check if there’s anything clogging the vents. Anything from dirt and debris to full-blown nests and other uncommon elements can be involved that will impair your ventilation and cause your home to heat up uncommonly fast.
  • The ventilation system also relies on being clear in order to provide fresh air. When it’s not, the air quality can be poor. So you have to make sure that there isn’t any mold or other harmful allergens and elements in your ventilation system to cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other serious health problems.

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  • Finally, it’s a good idea to call a Los Gatos Roofing professional to check your roof vents for you and make sure that there isn’t some kind of design flaw or impairment that prevents the system from operating properly.


Types of Roof Vents

Roof vents are essential for ensuring the proper ventilation of the attic area and, with it, for improving the building interior’s thermal stability. The components come in many types and styles – here are some:

  • Box vents – these types are simple, mechanic vents without any moving parts. They are usually installed close to the top of the roof, under the ridge cap and they work by simply letting out hot air to reduce the temperature in the attic;
  • Soffit vents – these vents are installed in the eaves or in the soffits and they serve as the attic’s air intake;
  • Ridge vents – these mechanical vents are installed on the roof’s ridge, running the entire length of the ridge. They are usually combined with soffit vents for maximum efficiency;
  • Wind-driven turbine vents – these are also mechanical vents, but they have revolving parts that are moved by the wind. The components that start spinning when the wind starts to blow will suck out the moisture and heat from the attic, reducing the temperature and the humidity underneath the roof;
  • Powered vents – these types are fitted with motors and they work like fans. They are available in varieties fitted with thermostats that turn on the unit when the temperature in the attic reaches a certain level

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Typical Roof Repair Costs

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Owning your own house doesn`t mean just personal comfort, but also responsibility in providing it constant care and attention. The roof is an important element, both visually and functionally, that must not be ignored, because any barely visible vulnerability can turn soon into a big and costly problem. You will have to do your best to avoid this, and the best way is to schedule regular professional Los Gatos roof maintenance and make the necessary repairs promptly, before they escalate.

Repairs are considerably cheaper than a roof replacement. The national average is currently about $650 for patching a moderate leak in an asphalt roof), but it can be as low as $150 for patching small leaks, but also as high as $3,000 for major repairs.

However, the amounts of money people must pay for fixing their roofs vary greatly. Cost factors include:

  • The type of the roof (a sloped roof with complex angles will typically take more resources to be repaired than a flat roof, in terms of materials, work amount and safety precautions that must be taken for working at height).
  • Local permits. Most roofing repair permits cost an average of $75, but if we are talking about more significant repairs, you will need more expensive permits that may cost up to $500.
  • The scope of your project. Repairing missing shingles or small leaks will be less expensive than major repairs.
  • Water damage. Sometimes, a roof leak goes unnoticed for a while and, until you manage to identify it, it may already caused additional damage that will increase the costs.

What is The Best Way to Avoid a Roofing Scam

Vigilance, a calm attitude and quick assessment of the situation are the probably the three things that you need to avoid roofing scams. Unfortunately, these features are the hardest to achieve when the roof over your head has been devastated by the most recent storm and you are desperate, so here are a few practical things to pay attention to when an uninvited roofer shows up at your doorstep:

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  • The request to make a down payment – asking for an advance payment is not a common practice among decent roofers, so beware of any roofer that asks you for money before completing the work;
  • High-pressure tactics – self-respecting, honorable roofers never push their prospective customers to commit, so don’t let anyone force your hand to enter a contract that you haven’t had the time to read and understand;
  • Products or services offered for free – while many decent roofers, like those at,  offer free roofing estimates, all the other services they provide come for fees and they also sell products for money, so if someone starts by telling you they work for free, you can start becoming suspicious;
  • Out of state license or the unwillingness to provide proof of license – roofers are licensed in the state where they work, so don’t trust anyone who shows you a license from a different state or no license at all.

How to Choose the Best Roofing Shingles

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Roofing shingles come in a very wide range of colors, textures and shapes and they are varied in terms of quality levels as well. The immense variety of options surely makes the task of choosing the best shingles for your building difficult, so here are a few tips from expert roofers, like those found at Los Gatos, to help you:

  • The price point – as a general rule, the more expensive the shingle, the higher the quality. The most affordable varieties are simple shingles, consisting of a base, a mineral mat in the middle and granules for weather protection on the top, followed in line by architectural shingles that are more durable and more resistant than simple shingles and with impact-resistant and special, wind-resistant shingles at the top of the range;
  • The design – the best shingles for your applications are the ones that match your home’s overall design. Shingles come in many different shapes and sizes and you will also find a wide range of colors available, too. If you need a special color that you don’t seem to find anywhere, you can pick your manufacturer and contact them to request the custom color – many producers are willing to execute such special requests;
  • Your climate area – the weather conditions in your area should also influence the type of shingles that work best for you. If your region is frequently affected by storms or hail, the best choice is a roof covered in impact-resistant shingles.

The Advantages of Tile Roofing Shingles

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Tiles, whether made from clay or cement, are among the best roofing solutions for any climate area – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Excellent durability – tiles are among the most long-lived materials used for covering roofs, the solution’s average lifespan being around 100 years;
  • Great thermal resistance – roof tiles provide a very efficient thermal barrier in front of cold and heat as well, the solution being perfect for hot and arid geographic areas as well as for cold and snowy regions;
  • Easy installation – tile roofs are easy to install and the process does not require any special tools or expertise. The tiles are fastened on the roof with the help of roofing nails or they are fixed with hooks;
  • Low maintenance needs – tile roofs, like any roof, need to be inspected and cleaned every six months, but the inspections are likely to reveal only minor and easy to remedy faults, such as a couple of cracked or displaced shingles;
  • Resistance to water and fire – roofing tiles are impermeable and fire-resistant as well;
  • Resistance to pests – roofing tiles are unattractive to pests, such as insects and rodents, so if you live in an area where thermites are an issue, you can stay safe with a tile roof.

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How Do You Prepare Your Home Exterior for the Holidays?

Getting your home exterior ready for the holidays has more to do than just with decorating and repainting. It’s also important to make sure that nothing falls apart or breaks down, especially if you plan on hosting a big Halloween or New Year’s party.

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One of the most important things is to have Los Gatos Roofing look at your roof and complete roof maintenance as needed. While a broken down or damaged roof is certainly not a sight to behold, the function of a roof is infinitely more important. You don’t want your guests to arrive and witness water dripping from your attic or large ice dams being present.

It’s also a good idea to clean everything thoroughly before the holidays. This means not just making sure your windows and front door is clean, but also that you can pressure wash your patio, remove any mold or mildew, get your siding to sparkle and also wash and repaint your fence and other areas outside your home.

Finally, if you have any old, ugly or damaged windows or doors, it might be better to have them replaced rather than just washing them. Doors and windows are essential for keeping the warmth inside, so you definitely don’t want to ruin that and end up with a hefty electricity or gas bill during the holiday season.


Understanding the Various Roofing Certifications and Licenses

A roofing certification is typically acquired after a roof inspection has been done. The process is different from a home inspection and in involves the inspector climbing on the roof and assessing its current state determining whether or not the roof is in a satisfactory condition. A certified roof means that the roof is in a good condition, not presenting any leaks and can last for another 2-3 years, depending on the state. Experts, like those found at Los Gatos Roofing, offer the following advice:

Los Gatos Roofing offers Skills, abilities and knowlwdgeMost of the time, a roof certification is commissioned by people who want to sell their property and want to offer the buyer a guarantee that the roof is in good condition for the coming years. The certification may vary depending on location. If the current state of the roof presents many issue and damages, the roof cannot be certified until the said issues are fixed.

Certification is being granted only after it is inspected by a licensed roofing inspector. A roofing inspector needs to have the necessary license to make sure that it complies with all the current laws in a state. To acquire a roofing license, a roofing contractor must pass certain exams required by the city or county government that they want to operate in. Some websites give in detail the requirements of each county that are necessary before obtaining a roofing license.

Working with a roofer that does not have a license is risky and unadvisable as the roofer may not be insured and the homeowner may become financially viable. They may also do a terrible job at inspecting the roof and also may not be familiar with the necessary codes required for a roof to receive certification.


Why Cedar Shingles are so Durable

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Cedar shingles are a traditional roofing material that offers multiple benefits. They have a gorgeous aspect, increasing the curb appeal and the value of a house, not to mention that they resist for 30 years and longer.

These shingles are sawed from wood blocks and have uniform appearance. If they are not sanded, they look rather like shakes. Sanded cedar shingles have a more refined aspect, being smooth on both sides.

Durability is typically the most important property people consider when buying roofing materials, and according to Los Gatos Roofing pros, cedar shingles have a great natural durability and they are also treated for longevity. They are impregnated with special substances against humidity, mildew and fungal decay that add years of life to the roof. There are also methods to make this material more fire resistant.

Cedar roofing shakes and shingles also provide excellent insulation.

Getting the most of your cedar shingles

If you take regular care of your wood roof, you are likely to get extended performance. Maintenance is not so complicated and you should schedule it at least twice a year. In most cases, you must check the shingles` integrity, clean the roof and its drainage system and trim away trees that are too close to it.

Is Your Roof Ready for Solar Panels?

The best roof for installing solar panels on is the one that captures the most sunlight. Depending on the installation conditions, there are advantages of both types of roofs: flat or sloped.

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The most important factor influencing the efficiency of solar panels is the inclination of the roof.

The optimal angle of inclination to generate the maximum solar energy is about 30 degrees. Any inclination ranging from 20 to 35 degrees will reduce power generation by one percent.

Even if your roof is flat, you can still mount a solar panel system. You just need to buy extra support to install it at an inclined angle. Although it may not be exactly the ideal solution, it helps to create a surface capable of generating the energy you need for your home. The costs of this type of support vary depending on the supplier. Installation of solar panels can be performed regardless the type of roofing materials: wood, metal, ceramic, or bituminous shingles. Look at this site for details.

Apart from the weight of the aluminum structures and the solar panels, it is also important to consider the influence of wind and snow on the solar building. A stability study should be performed by specialists. If the roof`s structure is easier and more flexible, and its area is large, it is recommended to select amorphous laminated solar cells.