What Are the Main Shingle Repair Mistakes You Need to Avoid?

When fixing shingles not everything goes smoothly. In some cases, avoiding mistakes isn’t that necessary, since the problem doesn’t cause much damage either in the short or long term. However, according to San Jose roofers some mistakes can cost you a lot of money and many lost hours trying to repair your roof to no avail.

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The first thing you have to make sure is that a replacement shingle you want to install is of the same type and size as the one that was broken or dislodged. Failing to do so could allow rainwater to drip between the shingles and cause damage to your roof.

Misdiagnosing a problem can also lead to a lot of damage that could have been avoided. For instance, if you see a leak in your attic and you see a few dislodged shingles and the damaged flashing next to it, you might want to address your flashing problem first, or at least work to identify what is causing the leak in the first place, instead of just going for the shingle repair right off the bat.

Finally, avoid reusing shingles or adding new shingles on top of old ones. Aside from being an unsightly quick solution to a serious problem, it can also cause your roof to be damaged again more easily next time a big storm is brewing.

Ways to Deter Animals from Damaging Your Roof

Pest attacks are the third most common cause of roof damage, after aging and storm damage. The range of critters that can invade your roof is very wide, from insects, such as termites, various rodents, including mice, squirrels, rats and racoons as well as birds, bats and others. Deterring them can be a difficult task, but not impossible to accomplish – here are some methods:

  • Trim your trees – most critters move in and out of attics using the trees near the building. Trimming back overhanging tree limbs will prevent uninvited animal guests from getting into the building and from setting up their home in your attic;

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  • Call dependable San Jose roofers to inspect your roof for damages and necessary repairs.
  • Clean the gutters – gutter pipes overflowing with leaves, twigs and other debris make very attractive nesting places for birds. Clean the pipes regularly – clean gutter pipes are hard and slippery, therefore not very inviting nest locations;
  • Seal your attic – critters can get into your attic through the tiniest cracks and holes, so finding and sealing all the potential entry and exit points is a great way to deter them. Perform a thorough inspection of the attic, looking for any gap around the points where cables enter your building and for cracks in the attic space, then seal them all with caulk;
  • Call exterminators – if your efforts don’t bring the desired efforts, you can call professionals who will identify and eliminate problem points and will make sure the critters will not come back.

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent a Roof Leak?

It’s no understatement to say that roof leaks can be dangerous. While small leaks are relatively easy to deal with, letting a roof leak grow larger can often cause a lot of damage, and repairing it can be quite expensive. There are cases when homeowners are forced to pay hundreds of dollars to have a roofer be sent to their location to fix the problem.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to prevent roof leaks so that the likelihood of them siphoning money out of your bank account will be much lower:

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  1. You can start with regular roofing maintenance. Having San Jose roofers perform preventative maintenance  will prevent leaks and help discover roofing leaks that are still small, but could become a pretty huge problem later on.
  2. Dealing with preventive tasks before and during the winter season can also help prevent roof leaks. For example, it can be very important to prevent ice dams and snow build-up, which can put a lot of pressure on your roof and lead to leaks that will be tricky to fix and expensive to deal with.
  3. Finally, fixing broken shingles and flashing problems, as well as installing a new and improved gutter system or better gutter guards will work toward acting as an excellent preventive measure for when the next storm hits. With the help of these upgrades, you can be sure that the likelihood of having a new leak sprout out of nowhere will be very low.

What Is the Most Cost Effective Roofing Material?

The range of available roofing materials is not only extremely wide – it is also varied in terms of pricing and overall cost efficiency. The best approach is to contact experienced San Jose roofers to get the most current recommendations.

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In the meantime, here are the materials that provide the highest level of cost efficiency:

  • Asphalt – whether applied in the form of roll-out material or shingles, asphalt is a material that is cheap and easy to manufacture, therefore it is among the most affordable roofing materials. The cost-efficiency of asphalt is further increased by low maintenance needs, cheap installation and durability;
  • Metal – also available in many forms, including large panels and shingles, metal roofs are also among the best choices for any climate area and for any type of building. Metal roofs are resistant to wind, fire, pests and moisture and they can stay installed for decades, making them a great choice for buyers looking for a cost-efficient roofing solution;
  • Clay – the upfront costs are somewhat higher with clay, but the material is warranted for 100+ years and it requires hardly any maintenance. Clay is also an excellent thermal insulator, a feature that makes it a cost-efficient solution on the long run due to the savings on the costs of energy needed to heat and to cool the building.

How Do Roofers Earn a Diamond Certified Award

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The Diamond Certificate is a document that only the providers of the highest quality obtain after they undergo rigorous checking and they are evaluated based on very strict criteria pertaining to helpfulness, expertise and customer satisfaction. Here is a roofing company can get Diamond certified:

  • Submitting the application – the rating process starts after the roofing company submits their application;
  • The sampling process – after the application is received by the certifying body, a sample of past customers is collected from the applicant’s data base and the surveying process starts by contacting the past customers on the sample list;
  • The surveying process – the answers received from the interviewed customers are evaluated and the applicant’s score of customer satisfaction is determined;
  • Other verifications – the evaluation process is also extended to the applicant’s insurances and other credentials, checking and evaluating the required documents. The applicant’s work processes are also checked in terms of customer-friendliness;
  • The commitment – if the applicant obtains the required (very high) score required for passing, they agree to adhere to the assessing body’s customer satisfaction principles and it is awarded the Diamond Certified status;
  • Further monitoring – having obtained the status is not the end of the road, certified companies are continuously monitored and they can keep their status only if they maintain the high quality level of their services.

San Jose roofers at Los Gatos Roofing, have earned the distinctive Diamond Certified Award. You can count on their excellent roofing services and trusted experienced customer service.

Safety Tips for Trimming Tree Branches

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Trimming the large trees in your yard or garden is essential for maintaining the health of your tree and if your tree overhangs your roof, the trimming process is essential for the health of your roof as well. Large tree limbs overhanging the roof pose various risks, from covering the roof in dried leaves and twigs, to large limbs falling onto the roof, damaging the roofing cover. As you see, tree trimming is a very important home maintenance task, but while at it, you also need to pay attention to your own safety – According to experienced San Jose roofers, here is how to do it all without risking an injury:

  • Wait until the weather is calm and dry – you should never attempt tree trimming on a rainy day or during storms or thunderstorms;
  • Wear suitable protective garments – never trim trees without wearing non-slip work boots, gloves and head protection;
  • Use the saw safely – whether you choose a manual saw or a chainsaw, make sure to use it safely and also check the tool or the machine before you use it, to make sure it is in proper working condition;
  • Plant your feet well – don’t start any cutting and trimming until you are sure that your position is stable.

Lucrative Home Remodeling Projects You Can Consider at a Lower Cost

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We often hear about real estate experts recommending things like buying an expensive new roof for $40k or installing a brand new outdoor kitchen for $10-15k. However, those costs can’t always be handled with ease, and if you just want to remodel part of your home and do so on a budget, the following recommendations might suit you better:

  • One thing you can try is to install new fixtures and re-tile your bathroom. The great thing about this remodeling effort is that you don’t have to go all out, and you can gauge how much you spend based on the supplier you get your new bathroom fixtures and tiles from. However, the result will be a beautiful bathroom that you can show off with pride.
  • Buying new kitchen cabinets can also work to your advantage, if you know how to spend your hard-earned cash on less expensive cabinets and shelves. You can then store your items neatly and eliminate the clutter from your kitchen. Combined with an added paint job and maybe a few new light fixtures, it can be the optimal low-budget kitchen remodel for your home.
  • You can also consider painting the exterior of your house instead of buying new siding. Paint is less expensive and with the addition of some better insulation products, you can still keep your home warm and protected, while making it look good at the same time.
  • And finally, although a new roof is not an inexpensive project, a new roof installed by home improvement San Jose roofers can add resale value and quality to your home.

A Few of the Best Roofing Jokes

San Jose roofing humor

Whether you prefer jokes that rely on irony, jokes that make fun of personality traits, that involve funny situations, jokes based on wordplay, parody, nonsensical situations or hyperbole, you can surely find your favorite in jokes about roofs or in jokes that involve roofing. Here are some:

  • Two antennas decided to get married and they decided to do it on the roof. The ceremony was short and simple, but the reception was great;How does your roofer find out all your family secrets? – He is eaves-dropping;Why do the roofers who specialize in tile roofs find it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning? – Because they are bedded in mortar;
  • What is the most important thing that keeps roofing teams together? – Trussed;
  • An old cat is walking on the roof. A young cat notices him and asks him where he is going. The old cat says that he is going to the bar to drink. The young cat asks whether he can go, too and the old cat agrees. They keep walking, then the young cat stumbles, rolls down the side of the roof and barely manages to catch the gutter edge. He is hanging there for a while, then he says: “I am drinking for a couple of seconds more, then I go home”.

Contact reputable San Jose roofers for quality roofing services, and if you are lucky, they can share a couple more jokes with you!

Common Roof Design Mistakes

Roofing engineering

Roof design mistakes do not only affect the aspect of the roof, but also its functionality.

Roof valleys

When it comes to roof valleys, many of them exist because of the designer`s show of zeal rather than for being necessary. Valleys are often an inconvenience because they concentrate water and allow ice formation in winter, therefore leaks are more common in roofs with many valleys than in simple sloped roofs.

Skylights and dormers

Before you consider including them in your roof`s design, think about the fact that any roof penetration is a potential vulnerability. Besides, dormers and skylights are not necessary. Instead of building a dormer, build as many floors as you wish and put a regular roof over the top floor and forget about any deliberate hole.

Vented attic vs insulated roof

Investing in insulating the attic floor and proper ventilation is better than insulating your sloped roof. First, it is easier to install, it is likely more affordable and it will allow you to locate leaks easier.  Conscientious San Jose roofers can give you a better idea on what will work best for your home.

Asphalt felt vs synthetic roofing underlayment

Synthetic roofing underlayment is not necessary unless you leave your roofing underlayment exposed to the elements for a while; otherwise, asphalt felt makes much more sense, because it is light weight and also cheaper.

Roofing Tasks to Consider: When Should You Start Thinking About Replacing Your Gutters?

Los Gatos roofers replace gutters

A good roof can only last long with the help of an adequate gutter system that can regulate the flow of rainwater and prevent water damage over time. Replacing your gutter system is, therefore, a very important part of taking proper care of your roof, regardless of the type of roof you own or of where you live.

Finding out when to replace your gutters can be a real chore. You have to know a few important things beforehand, and even then it can be somewhat unclear:

  • Check for damaged areas that look beyond repair. When it comes to your gutters, if they look beyond repair they usually are, especially in the case of a cheaper gutter system.
  • Are parts of your gutters missing, or have they already rotted or rusted away? That might also be a sign that you need to replace your gutters.
  • Finally, if you live in an area where storms can get pretty bad, simply knowing the age of your gutters can prompt you to get rid of them and replace them with new ones.

Of course, you never really know if your gutters can be salvaged or not unless you talk to your local San Jose roofers. If you’re on your own, however, the most prudent thing to do is to perform the replacement job, even if there is a small chance that the system can actually be salvaged.