5 Maintenance and Repair Tips for Your Gutters

If you installed a gutter system a while back, you’re probably already noticing the benefits. There are fewer instances where water is affecting your exterior walls or siding, and your roof no longer has a problem with pooling rainwater. That being said, your gutters are not indestructible, and certain elements can even clog them, leading to an earlier deterioration due to excessive water damage.

What you can do to prevent that is to use preventive repair and maintenance in order to keep your gutters in good condition. Here are a few simple San Jose roofing company repair and maintenance tips:

 San Jose roofing company repair and maintenance

  • Clear any debris and check to see if your gutters were clogged during the winter and early spring by various types of debris, such as leaves and tree branches blown onto your roof by the wind. This step is very important, since pooled water in your gutter system can lead to mold and mildew as well as attracting certain pests, birds and insects.
  • Realign your gutters if you notice that they were dislodged or pulled out of their proper place. This job might require some special equipment or the presence of an expert, but the basic idea is to make sure that water doesn’t drip between your gutters and home, and that the gutter system remains sloped so that water doesn’t pool in one area.
  • Consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from falling into your gutter system and ensuring that future cleaning and maintenance can be done more efficiently.

Spring Roofing Maintenance Suggestions

Spring is not only the period of the year when nature comes back to life – it is also a busy time for homeowners who want to ensure the health, safety and beauty of their property for the rest of the year. Roof maintenance is an essential part of spring home maintenance – here is how to do it:

  • Roof cleaning and inspection – when winter goes away, it leaves behind lots of debris all over your property, including the roof. To prepare your roof for whatever the summer and the fall brings, you need to remove any dried leaves, dust, twigs and branches that cover your roof after the snow melts. You also need to inspect your roof for any damage caused by the freezing months, so try to check every inch of the roof surface, including the roof valleys, the flashing around the skylights and the chimneys, the gutters and the vents, then note down or document any fault that you find;

San Jose roofing company professionals

  • Fix everything or hire San Jose roofing company professionals for the job – decide whether you are able to fix the roof faults that your inspection revealed. If you are, do the repairs as soon as you can; if you would feel more comfortable knowing that your roof is taken care of by experts, start looking for an experienced roofer right away.

Dealing with Some of the More Common DIY Roof Maintenance Tasks

Many people talk about roof maintenance as being something that a professional roofer should do. While it’s true that

San Jose roofing company service technicians offer maintenance tasks that are provided every year, you can also do a lot of things to prevent damage to your roof or make sure you can even increase its life span.

For some types of roofing systems, getting rid of problems such as pests and mold can be an important issue. If you own a wood shake roof, then you definitely need to keep an eye out for termites, birds that make their nests on your roof, as well as mold and mildew building up as a result of long term water damage.

San Jose roofing company

Biannual maintenance during the spring and autumn is extremely important regardless of the type of roof you own. You have to make sure the roof is cleaned and prepared for the upcoming winter season during the late autumn, and that it’s properly cleared of snow and debris and checked for damage during the early spring.

Finally, simple DIY roof inspections and maintenance tasks after a powerful storm can be necessary, especially if you discover leaks in the attic or if you see that some of the shingles were cracked or displaced. However, even if no damage can be seen, a thorough investigation might also be needed, since it might be too subtle to discover with only a simple glance.

Roofing Trends for 2020

San Jose roofing company trends 2020

Most homeowners stay up to date about the trends that influence home interior design, but they neglect roofing trends as long as they don’t need roofing design. If you are currently in the process of creating a design for your new roof, here are the most important trends that will determine what roofs look like and what they are made from in 2020:

  • Continued popularity for shingles, more building owners interested in metal roofs – modern shingles are able to meet the challenges of changing weather patterns and they can resist high winds and string impact as well, features that will make sure that this versatile, affordable and easy to install material will stay popular in 2020. Metal roofing panels and shingles are also enjoying growing popularity and will become more common on residential buildings as well;
  • Sustainability – the materials that are manufactured with sustainable process and use ingredients that are sustainable, too, such as metal and clay tiles, will be more and more in demand;
  • Green roofs – the roofs covered in vegetation are among the trendiest solutions nowadays. These special roofs look great and they also make the surrounding areas cleaner and healthier, while also reducing the temperature inside and around the building as well.

Consult with reputable San Jose roofing company contractors to find out the best roofing materials for your home and budget.

Important Tips for Staying Up to Date with Roof Maintenance

How hard is it to stay up to date with your roof maintenance work? While some experts will tell you that it’s easy, it’s a good idea to not ignore the issue, nor to underestimate its difficulty. The following tips should help you get started with the process:

  • The first thing you can do is schedule a San Jose roofing company roof inspection twice per year. The best times would be at the beginning of the spring, when the snow melts, and at the end of summer, before you start preparing for the winter.

San Jose roofing company inspection

  • Depending on what the roof inspection might reveal, make sure you follow San Jose roofing company advice and patch up any leaks or repair any broken shingles as soon as possible.
  • If there are tree branches that have grown during the past season, and are now dangerously close to your roof, it’s a good idea to cut them off to make sure a passing storm doesn’t lead to expensive roofing damage.
  • Always make your first order of business cleaning your roof and removing any debris, nests or other unwanted elements.
  • In some cases, you might have to pressure wash your roof to remove mold. Do so as quickly as possible, to avoid the problem getting any worse.


Tips for Protecting Your Roof from the Heat

If the summer heat makes you feel sweltering even inside your home, you must know that one of the culprits for your thermal discomfort is the roof on your building – roofs become even hotter than the air around you, absorbing solar heat and transferring it to your building interior after the sun has set and the air has started to cool down.

San Jose roofing company professional services

Fortunately, there are various methods available for you to reduce the amount of heat transferred from the roof to your roofs – here are some:

  • Apply reflective coating – these substances are easy to apply, all you need is a brush or a spray can and they are very efficient, too, covering the roof into a layer that reflects solar heat;
  • Use light colored material – lighter colors reflect heat more efficiently than darker hues. If your roof is made from a material that can be painted, pick a light shade and paint your roof – it will reduce the temperature of your roof considerably;
  • Install vents – improperly vented roofs become hotter because the air cannot circulate properly underneath, so there is no ventilation to cool them. Have trusted San Jose roofing company professionals make sure to have an inlet vent at the bottom of the roof and an outlet right under the ridge to keep the temperature underneath the roof comfortably cool even when it gets scorching hot outside.

What Are the Most Important Roof Maintenance Mistakes You’ll Have to Avoid?

Proper roof maintenance is the key to a long lasting roof. However, not everyone knows about the best San Jose roofing company maintenance practices or how important they are when it comes to protecting their roofs from the numerous natural and man-made factors that could lead to severe roofing damage.

avoid common roofing maintenance mistakes by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance with a reputable San Jose roofing company

One of the most important mistakes to avoid when you use common San Jose roofing company maintenance practices is ignoring a certain problem simply because it’s too difficult to deal with immediately. Whether your finances don’t allow you to hire a pressure washing service immediately, or you simply don’t have time to unclog your gutters right away, it’s a good idea to schedule those tasks as soon as possible, if you don’t want your roof to be damaged severely over time.

Another roof maintenance mistake is using the wrong maintenance tasks for the type of roofing you own. For instance, if you have a metal roof, looking for fire damage or hail damage is not as important as factors such as rust and other forms of water damage – which are usually responsible for most roofing damage in this case.

Finally, make sure you don’t go in blindly, especially if you just bought your house and you don’t know much about the roof yet. Ask your local roofers for a thorough roof inspection, so you’ll know what actions you need to perform and what you’ll have to avoid.

Tips about How to Grow Plants on Your Roof

plants for a rooftop garden

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular these days, not only because the plants growing on your roof will instantly improve the quality of the air around the house, but also because the rooftop can give you the garden that you want if you have no space for it around the building. According to San Jose roofing company experts, here are some of the things that you should pay attention to if you have plants on the roof:

  • Access to water – whatever plants you grow on your rooftop, your greenery will need water. Before you start picking your plants, determine how you will water them – check whether you can run a hose up there or you will need a barrel of water up there;
  • Choose plants that resist dryness and heat – there are lots of spectacular, colorful plants that resist dry spells, such as Mediterranean herbs, including basil and rosemary, peppers, especially varieties that come from South America or from other hot climate areas. Pick plants that don’t grow very deep roots, but are resistant to strong air movement;
  • Ask for permission – if you live in a condo or your HOA covenant requires you to obtain the permission of your neighbors to build a garden on your rooftop, make sure you get that permission before you start building the garden.

How Roofers Stay Up-to-Date with Technology

Nowadays, technological updates in the roofing industry happen faster than before; practically, it changes before our eyes. Manufacturers constantly work on improving roofing materials, equipment and methods for each specific job. Also, roofing companies are very preoccupied about their reputation and the relation with their customers, therefore they are interested in staying up-to-date with technology, to be able to keep up with the competitors.

San Jose roofing company

Keeping up on technological advances in roofing means to embrace the new technologies and use them to produce better results: sustainable materials, better safety regulations and, of course, more durable roofs.

Using technology to manage a San Jose roofing company business translates into investing in specific management software built for customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning that streamline your customer acquisition and help you manage your finances and documents. Investing in a cloud-based data system, will allow you to gain unlimited access to the files you use on a daily basis and never lose a thing.

Let`s not forget about drones and aerial roofing measurements that are now equipped with 4K cameras, help you defy gravity and change the way you approach a roof project. We are talking about better visualization, without the effort of physically climbing the roof, more precise measurements, better spotting of hazardous areas etc.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

San Jose roofing company roof repair

Roof leaks are among the most common (if not the single most common) roofing issues that the owners of residential and commercial buildings are faced with. Many leaks appear out of the blue, without any prior notice, others are small in the beginning and aggravate over time because the initial problem was neglected. Here are some of the most common causes for roof leaks repaired by San Jose roofing company contractors– if you pay more attention to these issues, you will probably be able to prevent most leaks on your roof:

  • Compromised roofing surface – whether caused by improper installation, by aging or by extreme weather, the most frequent cause for leaks is displaced or damaged roof covering materials. Buckling, curling and punctured shingles, cracked tiles, punctured metal components can all let water seep through;
  • Compromised flashing – the stripes installed where two roof slopes meet or around roof openings, such as around the skylights, are very sensitive to extreme weather and time can also thin and damage them;
  • Clogged gutters – obstructed gutter pipes can cause dust and other debris to accumulate on the roof. Roof debris tends to absorb and keep in water, weakening the roofing underneath and causing leaks;
  • Normal aging – no roof lives forever, not even perfectly installed and perfectly maintained ones. The appearance of increasingly frequent leaks is a sign that your roof might need to be replaced soon.