The Importance of Professional San Jose Roofing Services

Using San Jose professional services when you have a problem with your roof is the wisest choice, because the roof is way too important to leave it in inexperienced hands. A new roof is very expensive and you should not risk your investment by improvising DIY repairs or hiring amateurs for different fixes.

A professional roofer will be more expensive, but you have various options to save money, from off-season discounts to using your insurance, if you have it. And speaking of insurance… If you do not work with a licensed San Jose roofer for repairs and maintenance, you may lose the right to receive compensation, because no one but qualified San Jose roofing contractors can guarantee correct and safe repairs.

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Safety is a key issue when it comes to roofing, because it also raises the problem of working at height, which involves the use of safety equipment. Most people do not have adequate equipment, they improvise, which can be very dangerous and even fatal. On the other hand, San Jose roofing specialists have professional equipment and they are trained to use it properly, in order to work safely and avoid injuries.

Also, safety refers to the safety of your property during a roofing project. Specialists will take all the necessary measures to protect your yard and the rest of the house, to clean debris resulted from different roofing operations and they are also insured, which means that you will be protected even if some accidental property damage occurs.

Energy Efficient Roofing Options

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Beside cost and appearance, energy efficiency is another essential factor to consider when choosing the material of your new roof. San Jose roofing According to high principled San Jose roofing contractors, here are some of the best options:

  • Metal – properly installed metal roofs can last up to half a century without requiring any special maintenance. The resistant material will protect the home not only from fires, rain, snow and wind, but from energy losses as well, especially if the metal sheets or shingles are helped with insulation of the right type and thickness;
  • Tile roofing – the clay and the cement that roofing tiles are made from are excellent insulators, providing an efficient energy barrier the year around. The solution is also very durable – tiles can last for a century or longer;
  • Asphalt shingles – asphalt roofing materials come in a wide variety of designs and colors. While the cheapest varieties are not considered energy-efficient, there are many types that are made to provide a strong and durable thermal barrier between the building interior and the world outside;
  • Green roofs – these great, modern solutions practically add a rooftop garden to your building. Green roofs consist of a layer of soil into which special, draught-resistant vegetation is planted and they are also fitted with special drainage systems. Green roofs are known to provide excellent energy efficiency and they also greatly improve the quality of the air inside and around the building by stabilizing moisture levels, reducing the urban heat island effect and removing various types of impurities from the air.

Is Roof Underlayment a Necessity

For those who are not familiar with roofing terminology, roofing underlayment is a waterproof material that must be installed directly onto the roof`s deck, under the other roofing materials. It is an additional protection layer, which will turn to be very efficient in the case of severe weather, when shingles or tiles alone will not handle the situation

Roofing underlayment can be made of different materials: asphalt-saturated felt, rubberized asphalt or non-bitumen synthetic underlayment.

Shingles and tiles are the first line of defense; they block precipitations, withstand wind and reflect the solar radiation, but they are not completely sealed and infallible. Sometimes, they can become vulnerable to wind-driven rain, not to mention that they can become brittle from age or improper roof installation and/ or maintenance.

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Water-resistant roofing underlayment provides the additional necessary protection. It is not always necessary, but according to seasoned San Jose roofing contractors, the benefits it provides should be enough to be taken into consideration. It increases the protection provided by a roof especially in case of low-sloped roofs; it also improves the fire resistance of a building.

The roof underlayment is typically applied in long, overlapping strips, able to protect the joints and seams and also to form a seal around nails, preventing leaks.

The Most Common Flat Roofing Materials

Flat roofing used to be a roof type mostly used on commercial properties, but in recent decades, the solution has become increasingly widespread for modern residential buildings as well. The flat structure of these roofs requires special materials.

San Jose roofing contractors install flat roofing

Consult with smart San Jose roofing contractors to see what is the best option for your commercial or residential property.  Here are the most common flat roofing materials:

  • Built-up roofs – BUR solutions use alternate layers of tar paper or asphalt and some sort of aggregate, such as river rocks, gravel or mineral granules. The layered structure of these roofs ensures durability as well as problem-free performance;
  • Metal – the alloys used for manufacturing the sheets for flat roofs are resistant to rust and corrosion, providing a great solution for a durable flat roof that can stay on your building for 30-40 years;
  • EPDM rubber – the material is stretch out tightly to cover the entire roofing surface, thus providing an excellent, durable and weather-resistant roofing solution;
  • Green roofing – these modern roofs are covered in vegetation made up from species that can endure harsh weather without requiring too much care. Green roofs come with the additional benefit of improving the quality of the air around the building as well as inside and they can also reduce the urban heat island effect on the entire property.

The Most Common Roof Designs and Their Features

If you are currently planning a new construction or a retrofitting project, choosing the right roof design is essential for getting the protection that you require your roof to provide as well as for the pleasing and harmonious appearance of your entire property. The best way to identify what will work best with your home or business, as well as your budget, is to consult with knowledgeable San Jose roofing contractors.

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Here are some of the most common roof designs to choose from:

  • Gable roof – this is the most common roof type consisting of two slopes that meet at the top to form a triangle. This type of roof is the best choice for areas that get high amounts of precipitation in the form of rain as well as in the form of snow that needs to slide down the side of the roof;
  • Hip roofs – these structures consist of slopes on four sides and the slopes come together at the top. The design is appreciated for its strength and resistance, qualities that make it an excellent choice for snowy and windy regions;
  • Flat roofs – these roofs are most commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings, but they are becoming increasingly popular for modern residential buildings as well. The solution is preferred by many owners for its low maintenance needs as well as because they require less material than pitched roofs.

How to Find a Great San Jose Roofing Company?

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There are many great San Jose roofing contractors in and around the San Jose area who are just perfect for your roofing project in terms of expertise as well as in terms of rates, so here are a few tips about how to pick the very best of them:

  • Look around online – most roofers today advertise themselves not only on flyers and in local newspapers, but online as well, through their own websites. A simple query in your browser will return lots of results that you should check one by one to find roofers that provide the type of service that you need;
  • Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a roofer – chances are that many of the people you know have experience hiring a roofer, so ask around to find out about the contractor they used;
  • Contact roofers and ask questions – call the roofers that you have found, describe your project to them and ask them to tell you about the method they consider best for your roofing task. Ask them to provide proof of their licenses, certificates and insurances – documents are important evidence of roofing expertise and service quality;
  • Request a written cost estimate – knowing how much you will have to pay and what it is exactly that you will be paying for is essential for picking the best roofer.

How Does Adding Extra Insulation to Your Home Really Help You Out?

Adding insulation to your house might seem like a simple matter that isn’t worth much attention. If you live in a mildly warmer climate, such as the warm, subtropical climate of Florida or California, then the issue of insulation won’t affect you too much. However, in colder areas and places like Colorado, where the winters can get quite harsh at times, it’s a good idea not to ignore the importance of insulating your home.

San Jose roofing contractors add extra insulation

First, it’s important to clear a few misconceptions:

  1. Adding insulation acts as a buffer that traps heat inside your home or keeps it out. It doesn’t actually cause your home to heat up more efficiently in the winter – not directly at least.
  2. Not all areas of your home will respond the same to additional insulation. For instance, it’s not a good idea to insulate your walls and ignore your attic and ceilings.
  3. Insulation can still be quite expensive, depending on how much insulation you add.

That being said, properly insulating your home can have the excellent effect of increasing the amount of time your home stays warm or cool – depending on your preference. That means it will take less energy to heat your home to a certain temperature, and more time for that temperature to drop.

As a result, having San Jose roofing contractors add extra insulation will greatly diminish your electric and gas expenses, and it will also reduce the amount of strain on your heating unit and water heater. That also means less money spent on repairing or replacing your heating systems in the long run.

Signs Your Roof Deck Might be Damaged

There are a lot of of responsibilities that come with owning your own home. The main one being roof maintenance. Over time many parts of the home may either deteriorate or be damaged by exterior factors like extreme weathers. The shingles on many homes are most likely attached to a base known as plywood or deck. While it is not visible it acts as a connection of the roof to the house framing and plays an important role in the overall integrity of your roof.

The first sign that could be related to a damaged deck is when one experiences leaking in his/her home. A good idea would be to inspect the roof for any sign of damage after a storm. Peeled off or cracked shingles, for example. If the decking is exposed to moisture, in combination with high temperatures, it can lead to the forming of mold and mildew, which will eventually expand, causing the wood to rot.

top rated San Jose roofing contractors can repair your leaking roof

Another sign that one can look at would be a sagging ceiling. This will be noticeable in extreme cases were a damaged roof has not been attended to and the ceiling gets wet causing it to bend because of the weight from the moisture. A regular roof inspection may help in preventing these damages from happening. Checking the roof after a storm or finding top rated San Jose roofing contractors to do a thorough inspection of the roof and attic is a good way to make sure that any signs of deck damage can be addressed and prevented. A deck that is already rotting cannot be repaired and must be replaced completely.

How California Weather Might Be Damaging to Your Home

The weather in California can be quite hot for most of the year, and if you ask Californians, most of them never even saw snow during their lifetimes. However, that’s not to say that the climate in the area is always pleasant.

Contact San Jose roofing contractors to make sure your roofing system can hold up tp all types of California weather conditions

Weather conditions can be quite damaging to your home if you don’t take proper precautions, and due to its closeness to the Pacific, hurricanes and powerful storms can often make their way to the mainland, causing disastrous damage.

Taking earthquakes out of the equation – not because they’re not damaging, but because they’re not weather problems – we are typically left with wind, hail, rainfall, intense heat and occasional hurricanes being the most damaging when it comes to what can affect a typical California home. Fires are also on the agenda, as forest fires are quite often a debilitating result of the warm, dry weather in California.

As a result, the fire and wind protection rating of your roof and siding should be quite high. Also, roof coating and the use of advanced materials for roofing shingles and flashing should help keep hail storms and rainwater at bay. Contact San Jose roofing contractors to make sure your roofing materials can protect your home.

In most cases, it’s the unpredictability of the weather that causes the most problems for California residents. As such, it’s important to take all the precautions as soon as you move there, and make sure you use proper maintenance and occasional home inspections to your advantage.

Tips for Finding a Roof Leak

A roof leak is a nuisance and also an emergency, therefore finding its cause as well as its location is imperative. However, roof leaks can be difficult to diagnose, especially if they went undetected for a while and water traveled from the entry point and infiltrated far from it.

San Jose roofing contractors identify and repair roof leaks

There are some common leak location though that you should maybe start with, when you are not sure where to look.


Damaged shingles represent the most obvious cause for roof leaks, so they have to be inspected carefully. Do not look only for missing, cracked or curled shingles, but also for rather subtle signs of damage, such as missing granules. If the roof is old and shingles are work out, this is likely another reason for the appearance of water leaks. Quality San Jose roofing contractors can easily spot and repair a roof leak.


Roof valleys are those lines where roof planes intersect. They are secured with flashing, but they still represent vulnerable areas of a roof. When flashing become worn out, water can easily find its way inside.

Roof penetrations

Flashing is also used around other roof penetrations such as dormers, skylights or chimneys. These areas are also very likely to allow water leaks, if the materials do not provide adequate protection anymore.