Whether you just bought a home or you’re considering the long term advantages of renovating and improving your house to make it more appealing to potential buyers, gutter guards or screens can be an extremely advantageous investment. These screens are placed on top of the gutters to prevent leaves and other debris from getting caught up in the flow of the water, possibly even clogging your gutters and leading to serious water damage down the line.


Aside from that fact, there are many more potential hazards that can be prevented:


  • If your gutters are not well-protected, they can sag, loosen and even become completely detached. Gutter screens will effectively prevent that possibility from being an issue.
  • By installing even the simplest of guards, you can effectively protect the structural integrity of your outer walls and insulation.
  • Without the guards, landscaping can become a problem. Flower bed erosion is just one of the challenges you might run into.
  • Foundation staining is also an important problem that can be prevented with a good gutter guard installation.
  • Finally, the stale water that would gather in your gutters, if they’re not protected by screens, can become a ripe breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted pests.


The water damage presented by unprotected gutters can lead to extensive roof leaks and costly basement flooding. Ask licensed San Jose roofers with much experience. Taking into account the other hazards presented here, it becomes clear just how important it can be to have gutters with screens in place.