Whether you are looking for a material for your new roof or your old roof needs total replacement, metal roofing is among the best choices. In the past metal roof covering elements were made from aluminum, but nowadays you can choose from steel, copper, zinc, stone-coated steel and tin, all great, durable solutions for your roof – here is why:

  • Affordability – metal roofing is considerably less expensive than more traditional materials such as clay tile.


  • Durability – modern metal roofs are able to withstand very harsh winds, storms as well as exposure to strong sunshine. Hail might damage the metal sheets and the material is usually not recommended for high altitude areas that get a lot of snow, but other than these areas, metal roofs are resistant to pretty much any weather.


  • Safety – metal is the most common material used in fire-prone areas due to its resistance to sparks, flames and lighting.


  • Longevity – the life cycle of metal roofing is usually around 40-60 years, which is very long compared to the 15-20 years that asphalt shingles are guaranteed for.


  • Low maintenance – metal roofs require very little attention from the owner, it’s one of the main reasons Santa Clara roofing is so well kept. It is a good idea to check the surface every now and then, but metal roofs are less sensitive than most other roof types.