San Jose has over 240 elementary and secondary schools, among them some of the best institutions in the state. You may think that such variety makes the selection of the best school for your kid easy, but once you start browsing school statistics and reviews, you will see that the abundance makes it all more difficult. However, choosing the right school doesn’t have to be daunting – here are a few tips to consider:

  • Determine what’s best for your child – your child’s interests and talents appear at a very early age. If the curriculum of the chosen school supports those interests, your child will feel much more accomplished and more successful,
  • Practical aspects – commuting to and from school, the possibility to have lunch at school, extra-curricular programs and opportunities are also very important to take into consideration,
  • School atmosphere – pay a visit to the schools you find good candidates, talk to the principal, the teacher, attend a PTA meeting if you can. Seeing the school with your own eyes is the best way to decide whether the institution is suitable for your child, so make sure you check the classrooms as well as the school library and the gym and the curb appeal is important too or so experienced San Jose roofers will tell you when it comes to a secure roof – they are crucial for your child’s development and well-being at school.