Hail damage is relatively easy to identify when you are looking at items and building components on the ground such as your patio and the furnishing items used outdoors, but the signs are less conspicuous on roofs. However, the identification is more important up there because even the smallest damage can aggravate quickly – here are a few signs that cannot be neglected:

  • Metal parts are sensitive to impact, so if hail has hit your roof, you will see dents on metal roof vents, on the flashing or in the valleys – check the parts for cracks and deformations that might lead to the accumulation of debris and water


  • Ridge caps are the first line of defense on roofs, so make sure you check them for dents, too



  • Dimples – when asphalt roofs are damaged by hail, they usually develop dimples. Run your hand on the surface of the roofing cover and press the dimples – if they seem soft, it is a sign of hail damage


  • Circular cracks – if the hail that has affected your asphalt shingles was small, you will see small circular cracks, so you will know exactly which shingles need to be replaced.