Roofing shingles are appreciated by homeowners and highly qualified and skilled San Jose roofers for many qualities including easy handling and low cost, so if you live in the Golden State, here are the best shingles types for you:

  • Asphalt shingles – this type works especially well in areas where the temperature does not fluctuate very widely and if the roof they are applied has a steep slope to allow water to run down


  • Fiberglass shingles – this type offers a great, lightweight, fire- and water-resistant solution that is durable and resistant to strong solar radiation as well,


  • Organic shingles – made from various organic materials such as wood chips, paper and rags, organic shingles are great in dry areas and are rated for a longevity of 20 years,


  • 3-tab shingles – made from relatively thin cutouts, inexpensive 3-tab shingles are known to last for around 30 years,


  • Architectural shingles – these shingles are very similar to 3-tab varieties, but they are made using an extra layer of asphalt that makes them more durable and more flexible, therefore more suitable for roofs that have awkward shapes or are domed


  • Tile shingles – the most attractive type of shingles, available in numerous color variations, tile shingles are relatively great, therefore they are suitable only for buildings that are able to sustain the weight they add to the structure.