Old windows, especially the ones with carved wooden frames are certainly beautiful, but in some cases that beauty must be sacrificed for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. There are many reasons why replacing old windows is a good idea, just as there is for an old shingled roof declares the knowledgeable San Jose roofing contractors who work hand in hand with window contractors – here are some:

  • Irreparable decay caused by moisture – old wooden frames are sensitive to moisture and they easily develop rot or mold. When that happens, it is a good idea to call a professional to have a look at the frame and determine whether it can be repaired or it needs to be replaced
  • Damaged sashes and locks – old closing mechanisms can get jammed or broken, damage that is oftentimes irreparable
  • Energy-efficiency – old windows tend to let air circulate, so if your room gets drafty, you may want to consider replacing the windows
  • Improved curb appeal – new windows can enhance the looks of your home, thus adding value to it
  • Safety – new windows also improve the security of your home, so if your old windows are no longer sturdy or can be easily moved or pushed, do consider replacement
  • Easy cleaning and operation – old glass panes usually have lots of scratches and the uneven painted surface of old wooden frames gets difficult to clean, not to mention the nuisance of having to struggle with old sashes. If smooth usage and cleanliness are your priorities, too, do consider window replacement.