Pleasanton roofing

When it comes time to replace your roof, it can be a difficult and confusing process. With so many options for roofing materials to use and methods to employ, it is important to be properly informed. Here are three tips from Pleasanton roofing specialists for adequate roof replacement that you should consider when your roof needs to be replaced.

Materials to use

There are several roofing material options that can provide picture perfect protection for your home or business. You can consider both organic and inorganic options depending on your needs. Organic materials like wood shingles and shakes are aesthetically pleasing but require additional maintenance. Metal roofing systems last much longer and require less maintenance but it is important to note that the cost for metal is ‌higher. Synthetic shingles are a great economical option and engineered for long-term sustainability.

Methods to use

When re-roofing, you should stick to trusted methods like low-pressure cold process applications, re-decking and double coverage.

Materials and methods to avoid

When replacing your roof, you should also avoid certain materials and methods. Tar and gravel is one example. Tar and gravel roofs are very inexpensive but they often lack durability and require frequent repairs. Another material to avoid is styrofoam because it is flammable and not very strong. Methods such as hot process applications are not recommended either as they can cause significant damage to the existing roof.