Los Gatos Roofing in San Jose CA is able to offer excellent advice for homeowners that want to avoid having to deal with expensive roof repairs over time. Depending on the type of roof you have, these types of repairs might be more or less unavoidable. However, there is always room for improvement, and preventive maintenance goes a long way toward helping you lower those roof repair bills.

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To do that, you might want to consider these tips:

  1. Frequent visual inspections are a must. This doesn’t mean you have to get to the top of the roof and walk around the slope. A sturdy ladder is all you need to check on your roof up close without even setting foot on it. If you spot any damage, simply climb down and call your roofer to report it.
  2. Clear debris frequently. The wind might blow leaves, small branches and other debris onto your roof, which in time, can clog up your gutters and cause pooling. Water damage may ensue, or your roof could become a popular meeting place for pests and insects.
  3. Have your roof inspected twice a year. For many types of roofing systems, roofers in San Jose CA might say that a single inspection per year is enough – especially if the roof is brand new. However, they will also likely tell you that having your roof inspected both in spring and around the end of summer will help to prevent a lot of possible problems over time.