Selecting the roofing materials for your project should take into account several factors with the local climate being one of the most important. Your roof`s main purpose is to provide protection from the elements so you will have to make sure that it can withstand the local weather as best as possible.

San Ramon roofer

According to a San Ramon roofer near me, there are several roofing materials that work very well in California`s climate.

  1. Asphalt shingles

These shingles are still installed all over the US, because they are affordable and provide very decent advantages for the money you pay. They are less durable than other materials but many people still prefer this decent price-quality ratio instead of a very expensive roof. Besides, if you think that asphalt shingles are too common for your tastes, you can always choose premium products, such as GAF shingles.

  1. Metal roofing

Even if a metal roof is more expensive than a common asphalt shingle roof, it’s definitely worth the investment because you will not have to worry about replacing it too soon. And the maintenance requirements along the way are reduced to a minimum. Besides, this type of roof provides great energy efficiency in California`s climate, being naturally reflective, thus reducing the cooling costs in the summer.

  1. Clay and concrete tiles

These materials create some of the most durable and energy efficient roofs. They are expensive, but will last a long time.