San Jose roofing humor

Whether you prefer jokes that rely on irony, jokes that make fun of personality traits, that involve funny situations, jokes based on wordplay, parody, nonsensical situations or hyperbole, you can surely find your favorite in jokes about roofs or in jokes that involve roofing. Here are some:

  • Two antennas decided to get married and they decided to do it on the roof. The ceremony was short and simple, but the reception was great;How does your roofer find out all your family secrets? – He is eaves-dropping;Why do the roofers who specialize in tile roofs find it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning? – Because they are bedded in mortar;
  • What is the most important thing that keeps roofing teams together? – Trussed;
  • An old cat is walking on the roof. A young cat notices him and asks him where he is going. The old cat says that he is going to the bar to drink. The young cat asks whether he can go, too and the old cat agrees. They keep walking, then the young cat stumbles, rolls down the side of the roof and barely manages to catch the gutter edge. He is hanging there for a while, then he says: “I am drinking for a couple of seconds more, then I go home”.

Contact reputable San Jose roofers for quality roofing services, and if you are lucky, they can share a couple more jokes with you!