If you like the look of a traditional building, you can choose to cover your house with cedar shake shingles. They represent a natural, unique and 100% eco-friendly protection for the roof. Cedar shake shingles provide a special beauty to any building, but also other advantages for those who live in those buildings, as well as for the environment.

roofing hammer on new cedar shake shingles

They are strong but lightweight materials that make the construction more resistant especially in areas with increased seismic risk. If you decide to cover your house with this type of roofing material, you will make significant savings in terms of time and money invested in improving the house’s resistance structure, as you must do in the case of other heavier roofing materials.

Cedar shake shingles are very good heat insulators and perform great in any climate. A wood roof system is typically flexible, just like all natural materials, and has no problems with expanding and contracting as a consequence of being exposed to various temperatures. Treatments with special protective solutions greatly improve the resistance of wood shingles to moisture and pests.

Trusted San Jose roofing contractors report that repairs and replacements are very simple to do. Cedar shake shingles are an eco-friendly solution and, assessed in terms of price, quality, durability and aesthetics, they represent one of the best roofing materials.