Replacing your roof or installing one over a new construction represents a significant investment for any family. Many homeowners believe that only the most expensive roof guarantees quality and endurance over the years.

The truth is that if you are working with the right San Jose roofers you can get both quality and an affordable price.

Here is what you need to do:

San Jose roofing contractors

  1. Estimate the Costs and Add a Bit Extra

Always err on the safe side when it comes to estimating the cost of materials. In an ideal world, you buy the exact quantity of roofing materials (measured in square feet) to cover the roof. In reality, get about 10% more materials, to account for potential accidents and material waste during installation.

It will cost you much more and it will be very hard to find a distributor willing to sell you a small quantity of shingles later on. Plus, you may not find exactly the same model, color or finish.

  1. Compare Roofers’ Bids Carefully

The best San Jose roofing contractors will give you a free estimate including a detailed breakdown of the total amount for the project. If you get only the large total with very sketchy details, be wary! These are roofers who will keep adding costs and fees they hadn’t foreseen in the initial estimate.

  1. Look at Warranties Closely

When you read warranty leaflets for roofing materials, pay attention to the information in fine print. It usually specifies exceptions and exclusions. Also, while some roofing producers boast a lifetime warranty, you will see that their idea of lifetime is just 10 years. Thus, make sure that you understand exactly what the warranty covers and for how long before you decide on a roofing material.