Roofs are a pricey investment that serve a variety of decorative, protective and security functions. Most roofing materials have at least a 20-year lifespan, when maintained properly (some of them can last much longer!). However, several elements, such as choosing the incorrect material, installing it incorrectly, and neglecting standard procedures, can shorten the life of a roof.

Los Gatos Roofing

In order to increase your home’s security and safeguard your investment, it is crucial to take proper care of your roof, after installation. Here are some maintenance guidelines from Los Gatos Roofing to assist you keep this structure in good condition, delay deterioration, and increase its longevity.

  • Regular Cleaning

Your roof may become clogged with dirt and debris, which can lead to moisture buildup and deterioration of the roofing material. For example, moisture can damage wooden roof shakes and shingles, as well as the structure of a roof. Additionally, it promotes the growth of moss and algae on some materials, which may alter the shingles` integrity.

  • Trimming Trees

Storm damage at the roof level can be caused by trees whose branches dangle over your house. They also give access to rodents like squirrels that can nibble on your attic. To increase the lifespan of your roof, regularly trim any tree branches that are less than ten feet from your house. Wrapping metal sheets around tree trunks will also stop animals from climbing on your roof.

  • Professional Roof Inspection

To save money on maintenance, most homeowners postpone having their roofs professionally inspected. Nevertheless, by using these services, you can avoid more damage and save money that might otherwise be spent on major repairs or a new roof.