A green roof is practically a roof covered in a garden, a roofing extension built on top of an existing roof and fitted with water-proofing, drainage, root-control systems and soil for growing suitable plant species.

modern eco green Danville roofing

The varied climate conditions that characterize California might require to owners to give some thought to the plant species chosen for their green roofs, but the modern Danville roofing solution makes a great investment for any building owner in the state – here is why:
– Long-lasting solutions – green roofs need more attention and upkeep, but they also last much longer than conventional roofs;
– Improved air quality in and around the house – green roofs reduce the urban heat island effect that is responsible for the excessive heat experienced in urban areas. The roof garden keeps moisture levels at optimal levels and create a healthier, more pleasant, more nature-like environment;
– Energy-efficiency – the building that use green roofs can maintain a more stable interior temperature with less energy used up for cooling and heating. Energy savings underneath a green roof can even reach 70% compared to the energy costs of the same building covered with a conventional roof;
– A more pleasant building – green roofs serve as an extra retreat for the members of the household or the employees in the commercial or office building.

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