Wood shingles and shakes have a rustic, traditional look, being a great match for different buildings, enhancing their aspect.  Very few other roofs are so naturally gorgeous!

But roof covers made from wood shingles and shakes are not only used for their special appearance. They also come with a number of other advantages, besides the aesthetic ones.

Exclusive advantages:

ARCHITECTURAL – Wood is a material with great versatility from an architectural point of view.

FUNCTIONAL – wood shakes and shingles create a lightweight covering, with the best thermal coefficient of all the materials used in roofing.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Wood shingles and shakes are eco products, 100% recyclable, whose carbon footprint is non-existent. Optionally, they can be treated with special fungicides and insecticides, as well as with solutions that improve their fire resistance.

Palo Alto roofing

If you are interested in such a roof, contact a preferred Palo Alto roofing company specialized in working with these materials, because the installation of a wooden roof is a relatively complex project and you do not want to leave it in anyone’s hands. Therefore, before making such an investment, it is extremely important to carefully plan the details and make the right informed choices. This ensures that you will end up with a fully functional roof that will protect you for a few decades.