Hiring a San Mateo roofer can help you in more than one way to deal with repairs that you might have thought weren’t possible. Even if you asked the opinion of a seasoned roofer, and they told you that the structural damage to your roof can’t be fixed, that doesn’t mean their assessment is set in stone. You’ll find that San Mateo roofing experts are very resourceful and oftentimes capable of providing support in even the most dire of circumstances.

San Mateo roofing

Structural damage will typically require one of two approaches:

  1. If the damage is extensive enough and can’t be fixed in a practical approach that allows you to keep your repair costs on the low side, then most likely your San Mateo roofers will recommend that you get a new roof. This option is not typically taken lightly because of the extreme expenses associated with installing a brand new roofing system.
  2. The repair route can be taken when the structural damage can still be fixed. The best San Mateo roofing professionals are able to assess the damage and figure out whether or not anything can be done to fix it, even if the situation seems hopeless. In some cases, a partial replacement might be needed, where part of your roof will be torn down and replaced after the structural damage to your decking and underlayment is fixed.