Making sure your shingle roof is strong enough for you to walk on is important not only for ensuring the safety of your home, but also for the safety of your entire Freemont household. Shingle roofs are certainly among the best, most affordable roofing solutions you can have, but if you want your shingles to provide the strength, durability and safety that you expect them to, you need to take proper of your roof – here is how:

  • Helpful Fremont roofing contractors will clean, inspect, and repair your roof before the first snow – shingle roofs can be severely damaged by the debris on them. The dried leaves, twigs and dirt carried by the wind and deposited on roofs absorb moisture and damage the shingles underneath, so removing all the debris that has accumulated on your shingle roof until the end of fall is essential for maintaining its strength. When the roof is clean, go up and check it for damaged components – look for curled or buckling shingles, shingles with the topmost layer of mineral granules missing, dented or torn shingles and replace them all. Check the gutters and the gutter fasteners as well – they also need cleaning, inspection and repair before the first snow;

 cleaning snow from a roof

  • Remove snow if it is too thick – a thin blanket of snow can be supported by most roofs, but too much snow can cause your shingle roof to collapse, so get a roof rake and remove excessive amounts of snow whenever necessary.

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