Storm chasers can be a real nuisance to any homeowner. But you can certainly avoid them by hiring a professional Palo Alto roofing contractor. There are several sure ways to find the right people for the roofing projects you need for your house.

Palo Alto roofing

Storm chasers are people who are less professional and who try to take advantage of storms in order to convince people that they need to replace their roofs, in order to make quick and easy money. What these people usually do is to wait until the storm season comes up to make their moves. They also offer to do minor damage repairs on your roof even before inspecting it. They gather a few rather inexperienced roofers to do very quick repairs to trick homeowners, and then they typically disappear from sight.

So to avoid these storm chasers, you should look for local Palo Alto roofing professionals who have an established address, a valid phone number and, preferably, who have a portfolio of works that previous customers were satisfied with.

Another clue indicating that you are working with professionals is the fact that they have the required certifications and insurance. They also charge cash so as not to have to pay taxes or employment benefits.