San Mateo roofing

Wood shake shingles are increasingly popular among homeowners. They covet the rustic look. Also, they know that wood is a good insulator, keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer.

However, many people do not get what they paid for due to poor installation. Experienced San Mateo roofing contractors warn against these serious pitfalls of roof shake installation:

  1. Installing the Shingles Immediately after Delivery

As a natural material, wood changes its properties and quality with the environment. Thus, unless you sourced the wood shake shingles from a forest across the road from your home, you need to let it acclimatize. This means that you have to lay the roofing materials outside for two weeks before installing them on the roof.

  1. Using the Wrong Types of Nails

Nails used for wood shake roof installation must meet two critical conditions: rust-resistant and corrosion-proof. Otherwise, they will become extremely damaged in time and you will see shingles falling of the roof, because there is nothing to hold them in place.

  1. Not Allowing for Ventilation

Top performing San Mateo roofing contractors know exactly how much space to leave between shingles for ventilation. Installing them too tightly together will allow moisture to build up between them, without being able to evaporate. This leads to a series of serious (and expensive) roofing problems, including mold growing on the roof and spreading inside your home.