Regardless the weather, if you have a good roof over your head, you will be safe. The most responsible people prefer to invest more from the moment of the construction, just to be prepared and to keep their peace of mind. Others prefer to make improvements to their property along the way. However, in both cases, the resistance of the roof has to be evaluated periodically by a reputable San Jose roofing company, because an old or damaged roof automatically involves risks.

signpost showing all the ways roof  shingles protect against weather patternsThe roof and the walls are effective only if they remain connected and function as a single unit, securely attached to the foundation, to provide a structure capable of withstanding strong weather phenomena. Modern roofing materials are constantly improved to increase their resistance and durability. Currently, the highest rating in terms of impact resistance is Class 4.

Impact resistant shingles are more expensive than standard shingles, but they also bring greater insurance savings.

Additionally, they offer:

  • very good wind performance
  • class A fire rating (which represents the highest roof rating)
  • algae and moss protection

Some of the most resistant shingle materials are metal and slate, but most of the other materials also qualify as impact resistant, if they are used to produce class 4 shingles.