If you have made up your mind about replacing your old windows, here are a few tips and ideas about how to choose the new windows that best suit your budget, the style of your home and will give you the comfort that you are looking for.

room with windows

The Most Common Frame Materials

  • Vinyl – the cheapest solution and a material that offers excellent insulation, but is usually available only in white.
  • Aluminum – the most durable frame material, but it has poor insulation qualities.
  • Fiberglass – a strong, durable and resistant material that insulates very well and is available in various colors as well. It is more expensive than the previous two frame types.
  • Wood – the most attractive frame material, but also the most expensive one. Wood needs regular maintenance to avoid rotting and warping.

Pane Types

Most modern window panes consist of two or three pieces of glass fixed together, but separated by thin layers of air or gas for increased thermal protection. Double-glazed windows are the standard in most geographical regions, but in areas where the climate is very harsh, triple-glazing might be required. If you need very large windows, you might be required to use tempered glass windows that have strengthened panes.

Once you have selected the type od window that will work best with your home and budget, make sure you chose outstanding San Jose roofing contractors to do your window repairs or installations. This will ensure the longevity of your windows and also ensure that you get the best energy efficient installation possible.