How solid is your roof? Could a cat damage it by climbing onto it? Do bird droppings damage it? Can rodents chew their way through the roof? These are questions many homeowners ask, and San Jose roofers are ready to answer.

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Here is the basic answer: any roofing material is vulnerable to certain pests and wild animals. The long answer is more complex, and depends on the roofing material. Let us explain:

  1. Wood Shingles Are Vulnerable to Various Pests

Wood is a natural material that attracts a lot of pests, including rodents and woodworms. The latter can bore entire labyrinths into wood, making it their home and food source. You can protect your wood roof with special coatings, which harden it and prevent pests from finding an entry point.

  1. Bird Droppings Are Corrosive

If you have a metal roof and live in an area with many wild birds, then it is worthwhile investing in corrosion-proof coatings from time to time. The fact is that the droppings of many birds can corrode metal and paint coatings. These droppings contain uric acid – a highly corrosive chemical.

  1. Many Wild Animals Will Try to Build a Nest in Your Roof

Irrespective of the material, your roof is in danger of damage from wildlife trying to make it their home. Squirrels, bats and opossums will try to bore holes for their nest in your roof. They may not succeed, but they will cause some damage. This is why it is important to schedule regular roofing inspections with honest and hard working San Jose roofers, especially before winter and at the beginning of spring.