two cups of tea and summer flowers for mothers day!

From all of us at Los Gatos Roofing, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

If you have a good relationship with your mom, Mother’s Day is a time to do something really nice for her. Of course, any attention is welcomed, like going to a restaurant, or having a little family reunion at home, with cake and cookies, but in the case you would like to try something more original, Palo Alto offers many opportunities.

  1. Book an appointment at a creative studio and take a painting class, together with your mom. It will be fun and relaxing for both of you, you can choose to learn to paint on pottery, glass on canvas and you will have the chance to add a message to your creation and transform it into a unique gift for Mother`s Day.
  2. Have a photo session together. Choose a beautiful location, preferably in nature, in one of Palo Alto`s parks, because May is such a beautiful month, and use your creative skills to take some nice shots. Later, you can add them to a personalized photo album or photo frame and offer them as a gift to your mom.
  3. Take a gardening class. Common Ground Garden offers various classes that you can book for you and your mom. You will learn more about using and growing medicinal herbs, planting for honeybees, growing a community garden.