The roof is essential for the quality and structural integrity of the entire house. Roofing tiles represent the most commonly used roofing material, because they provide all the features that a solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing roof must have.

roofing tile trends

According to San Mateo roofing experts, two of the most popular types of roofing tiles are made of clay and concrete. Each one has its own pros and cons, and choosing the best option depends on many other details about the type of the house and roof, the costs, the functions that the roof needs to fulfill and more.

Clay tiles are traditional and come in different models and colors. They are one of the strongest materials for roof coating, very durable (up to 100 years), elegant and good thermal insulator. It is heavy, but this is what ensures its strength, stability and resistance.

Concrete tiles represent another type extremely popular roofing materials. They have a really nice appearance, a long lifespan, they are resistant to acids and extreme temperatures, being also waterproof. The concrete roof tiles are made of natural materials (gravel, sand and water), which ensures heavy mechanical strength and resistance. They are permeable to the air, allowing good ventilation and never changing their aspect.