Roofing engineering

Roof design mistakes do not only affect the aspect of the roof, but also its functionality.

Roof valleys

When it comes to roof valleys, many of them exist because of the designer`s show of zeal rather than for being necessary. Valleys are often an inconvenience because they concentrate water and allow ice formation in winter, therefore leaks are more common in roofs with many valleys than in simple sloped roofs.

Skylights and dormers

Before you consider including them in your roof`s design, think about the fact that any roof penetration is a potential vulnerability. Besides, dormers and skylights are not necessary. Instead of building a dormer, build as many floors as you wish and put a regular roof over the top floor and forget about any deliberate hole.

Vented attic vs insulated roof

Investing in insulating the attic floor and proper ventilation is better than insulating your sloped roof. First, it is easier to install, it is likely more affordable and it will allow you to locate leaks easier.  Conscientious San Jose roofers can give you a better idea on what will work best for your home.

Asphalt felt vs synthetic roofing underlayment

Synthetic roofing underlayment is not necessary unless you leave your roofing underlayment exposed to the elements for a while; otherwise, asphalt felt makes much more sense, because it is light weight and also cheaper.