The Bay Area is a zone with various micro climates that can be encountered over short distances. Overall, there is a Mediterranean climate, characteristic to the entire California’s coast. Winters are mild and humid, with most precipitations (more than 80%) occurring from November to March, while summers are dry.

East Bay has oceanic influences that often create wind turbines .Hail storms and snow storms impact this area every year, although extreme storms, with potentially destructive effects occur rarely.

storm damage prevention in California

In the Bay area, the most common type of storm damage and the most severe threat to daily life is flooding. Insurance companies here pay large amounts of money every year to repair flood damage; the sums are even higher as the number of properties the area raises and their value increases. The money spend on flood damage is expected to keep rising as the effects of global warming will be more pronounced and sea levels will rise, as predicted.

Damage from flooding can be extensive and people should be prepared for it. Water can block access roads, penetrate every part of residential and commercial buildings, destroying foundations, ceilings, walls, floors, but also cars, bridges and more.

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