Palo Alto has a Mediterranean climate, common to the San Francisco Bay Area. Annual rainfall is quite low and measurable snowfall is very rare.

Most storms happen during the winter and may be several days in length, but typically they are not severely damaging. However, nobody can be 100% certain on what they are going to bring, so it always pays to be prepared, especially for the possibility of flooding in the area.

Flooding may be dangerous in many ways. It causes damage to buildings, cars and infrastructure, it blocks access roads and may paralyze an entire area. Moving water is particularly dangerous and even life-threatening: six inches of water are enough to make you fall, while a foot of water can take vehicles away.

 storm damage repair

People should have emergency kits in their homes, as well as some useful supplies (a tank of gas, batteries, fresh water).  Installing a good roof with adequate drainage system and keeping it in good shape should be another priority, as it can really make a difference during a storm. Look for great Palo Alto roofing storm damage repair contractors if you feel your roof has been compromised by a recent storm.

Not least, people should do their best to be insured. Not all homeowner`s insurance cover storm and flood damage and, considering that a new policy typically go into effect within a month, you should consider insurance as soon as you move into a new home.