Concrete siding, or fiber cement siding was introduced in the `70s and its popularity quickly grew, being eventually recognized as a better alternative to wood (which used to be the number one siding material, until that moment), due to its many advantages: resistance to weather, fire, insects and moisture, the ability to mimic real wood and the affordable installation costs.

However, there are still some preconceived opinions about this material that you should know about. Many people still believe that concrete siding has to last forever and be maintenance-free; therefore, they feel frustrated when they discover the reality – which is a bit different. Fiber-cement siding is indeed a very good and durable material, but it is not everlasting. When you invest in it, you are entitled to expect all the benefits that it has to offer, but common sense should tell you that there will be some degree of wear and tear over the years, as nothing lasts forever after all. Nature eventually deteriorates any material.

However, properly installed, concrete siding will last for a very long time, with minimal maintenance (which typically consists in power washing it, occasionally, and repainting it when the paint`s lifecycle has expired and the color tends to fade), so it remains a great choice.

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