San Jose roofers

When putting up a roof, the parts that aren’t visible are just as important as the parts that are. That’s because the parts that are under the roof, meaning the decking and the underlayment, are what creates support for the roof. And that’s why, if you ask any San Jose roofing company, it will tell you that you need to take pretty good care of them. That is if you don’t want to have to replace them when your roof gets damaged.

But what if you want to replace your roof? A lot of people think that when replacing your roof, you automatically replace your decking and underlayment as well. Well, economical San Jose roofers may not agree with you. That’s because you don’t necessarily have to change what’s underneath the roof. If the structures are solid and can take the weight of the new roof, then you can still use them. Sure, you might need to do some repairs on them too, but you can still use the ones that you already got. On the other hand, if your new roof is heavier than the last one, or if you just want to rest assured that your entire structure is new, then you can change it.