It is necessary to understand the necessity to detect and address roofing issues in a timely manner. Even a simple loose grip on a roof element can have devastating effects.

In order to ensure that you stay away from the risks generated by possible problems with the roof structure, we advise you to carry out visual seasonal inspections and at least two detailed annual inspections, both inside the attic and on the exterior surface of the roof.

Palo Alto roofing repair team

Pay attention to details, and if you have suspicions, call a Palo Alto roofing repair team immediately, to make repairs on time.

Inside the attic, you will need to carefully inspect the carpentry elements. Be sure that:

  • There are no missing or broken items
  • The wood is not affected by pests
  • There are no rotten wooden parts
  • The fasteners are secure
  • There are no holes or signs of water penetration

Also, check the insulation and make sure there are no signs of mold.

On the exterior of the roof, there are many details that must be inspected carefully, as well as risks related to climbing the roof. As such, you should turn a professional Palo Alto roofer, who will be able to identify vulnerabilities that may turn later to extensive damage.