Roof repairs are inevitable. If you have a preventative attitude and are also lucky, you may only have to deal with minor repairs that do not take so much money out of your wallet and can be done quickly. However, in other cases, roof damage may be extensive and require complicated operations to become functional again.

Here are some rules to consider.

San Jose roofing contractors


  • DO take time to select a professional and reliable roofer, because making the wrong choice would put you at risk.
  • DON’T hire a roofer who has no local office and is not licensed or properly certified. Credentials are a proof of professional training and knowledge.
  • DON`T hire an inexperienced roofer, especially when it comes to major tasks. Younger companies may be good too, but you cannot afford to risk. You need the know-how and the intuition of a roofing contractor which has been in the business for at least 7-8 years.
  • DO check the insurance.  Most reputable San Jose roofing contractors carry liability insurance and worker`s compensation.
  • DO ask for a written estimate, before signing a contract.
  • DON`T consider making the repairs yourself unless you have the proper knowledge and equipment. Working at height is both difficult and dangerous.
  • Not least, DON`T be reactive! Schedule annual roofing inspections and respond promptly when a roof problem is detected, because it must be repaired quickly to avoid bigger problems in the future.