roof repair and maintenance

There are some easy roof repair tips that every homeowner should know about, in order to keep their roofs in tip-top shape. A broken roof is a leaking roof that can cause very costly damage to your entire house, so it is always good to be prepared as best as you can, with both information and skills.

Fixing minor problems is often quite simple, whether we are talking about replacing a couple of shingles or patching a hole with cement. However, there are a couple of general aspects to consider:

  • If there is more than a minor problem and your roof actually presents general signs of wear and tear, a few fixes will not solve it. That is when we recommend calling  Fremont roofing professionals for additional roofing repair service needs.
  • If you cannot start the reparation soon enough (even if we are talking about minor fixes), you must seal the broken area temporarily, with plastic sheets or plywood, just to avoid water infiltration that may turn a small issue into a big and costly problem.

Easy roof fixes that you can perform without calling a specialist include:

Replacing broken shingles

You must first locate the broken shingles and then purchase the materials that you will need for making the necessary replacements.  You must remove the damaged materials, put some new underlayment and fasten the new shingles, typically by using some nails.

Ensuring proper attic ventilation

Moisture can be easily trapped in the attic and when it happens, it causes mold formation, rot, as well as ice buildup, in the winter. Adequate ventilation keeps this problem away.