There are several types of eco-friendly roofing materials, but we’ll stop on two examples that are in trend: green roofs and photovoltaic roofs.

The green roof

This option is not new: our ancestors appreciated the roof lawn for its unique thermoregulatory properties. Green roofs do not require human control and intervention, and that is why they were called “living roofs.” Nowadays, besides these undeniable advantages, there are also the ecological benefits: it is known that vegetation absorbs the harmful substances in the air and produces oxygen. It is useless to say that green roofs are true gems for big cities, where the pollution levels exceed acceptable standards.

The photovoltaic roof

Roofs that produce electricity are part of the technological “miracles” that we already have access to.

In practice two technical solutions are being used:

  • Mounting photovoltaic panels having as support the existent roof
  • Installation of a roof made of photovoltaic shingles

solar Livermore roofing

Solar energy is renewable and produced directly by solar light and radiation. By using it, we help slowing the global warming process. Research has shown that these photovoltaic systems generate sufficient electricity without producing pollution.

Another advantage to be taken into account consists in the financial savings. Installing a photovoltaic roof system will bring you a considerable reduction of the energy bills, as well as the much desired energy independence. Contact solar Livermore roofing experts for advice on your roofing options.