18223219 – damaged roof of an old rural house

If you find yourself in need of roof repairs and are currently in the process of choosing shingles for a building, you are surely aware that good shingles are made by good manufacturers. This also means that it is not only the product that you need to evaluate and choose, but the manufacturer as well, so here are a few aspects to think about while evaluating shingle makers:

  • Technical details and transparency – the easiest way to shop for shingles is by using the internet and by visiting the manufacturer’s website. A reliable company will provide all the details that you need about their products – their online catalogs will include details about the shingle’s strength, size, weight as well as the colors and the textures offered.
  • Support – a good shingle manufacturer tries to help customers by offering technical assistance as well. Check the manufacturer’s site for customer support contact details – phone numbers and email addresses are good, chat lines are even better.
  • Warranty – You need to be able to find out about warranty periods as well. High-quality shingles usually come with warranty periods of several decades, so choose a manufacturer that offers long warranty.
  • Check with experienced San Jose roofers at Los Gatos Roofing to get their advice on quality  manufacturers and products. The internet is also a great source of information shared by people who have used the shingles that have caught your attention and professional roofers, so it is a good idea to have a look at online forums to see what they think.