When it comes to an old roof, its restoration is not so simple and cannot always be achieved. An old roof is, most of the time, a vulnerable roof, so the best solution is to replace it. However, in some cases, restoration work can add a few years to its lifespan.

There is, of course, the need for the services of a professional Fremont roofing company, because roofing experts are best able to correctly assess the condition of the roof and estimate the work that needs done.

It  all starts with the identification of problems – depending on the age of the roof and the severity of the damage or malfunctions, the roof restoring plan is further established, or the roof replacement is suggested.

Fremont roofing

Fremont roofing specialists will not only check the condition of the roof cover, but also the structure of the roof. If the structure is also affected, the repairs are pretty much useless. The cover materials must be removed and works will be carried out to strengthen the structure.

An old and unstable roof structure poses a great danger to the safety of the building occupants.

If the structure is still solid, only the roof cover can be renovated. The methods may consist in replacing materials and/ or accessories, at the level of the roof and the rainwater system, or applying a liquid coating solution.