Preparing your home for the winter is essential for your comfort and safety during the cold months – here are some of the most important tasks you should take care of mid-fall or before the first snow:Contact

  • Check your existing snow shovel or get a sturdy new one before winter settles in.
  • Clean your gutters and down-sprouts and make sure they are properly fixed and in good condition, able to hold up the weight of snow. If your gutters are not equipped with leaf guards, this is the time to consider getting suitable gutter protection to avoid the accumulation of debris and ice in the gutter pipes.
  • Examine your windows and doors and make sure you apply suitable caulking if there are gaps around them.
  • Check your heating system and perform a test run before you start using the heating full-time. It is also a good idea to hire a professional to check the furnace and the other components of the heating system to make sure that everything is safe and perfectly operational.
  • Contact skilled San Mateo roofing specialists to inspect your roof for damaged shingles or tiles and make the necessary replacements.
  • Get the chimneys cleaned, too.
  • If you have a deck, apply a new coat of protective sealant to prevent water damage.