Getting a new roof above your house is expensive and stressful. You are spending a lot of money on one of the critical elements of your home. Your biggest worry is hiring a roofer who will do a poor quality job, exposing you to costly repairs in the near future.

Here are some helpful tips for hiring a skilled Pleasanton roofing contractor: 

  1. Ask Friends and Neighbors for References

You cannot trust all the ads you read in papers and online, but you can trust someone who has just got a new roof and is happy with the installation work. Many people ask their families and social media friends for references and get several names of roofing companies.

This is a good starting point to refine your search.

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  1. Look for Client Testimonials and Ratings

All businesses can receive client testimonials and quality ratings online. Google, Yelp and other platforms are specifically focused on asking people to provide feedback after interacting with a business. If you see a lot of positive reviews, you can be sure that you are dealing with a highly regarded Pleasanton roofing company.

  1. Ask the Contractor to Provide a Portfolio of Projects

Finally, seeing is believing. Many roofing companies have a special portfolio page on their websites, showing photos or videos of their best projects. If you cannot find it, ask the contractor to show you some of their projects. Even if they do not post the photos on their site, due to client confidentiality agreements, they can show them privately to you.