The winter holidays is a time to celebrate with our loved ones and also a time when lights and decorations are seen everywhere, embellishing buildings and making everything sparkle in the brightest colors.

 holiday decorations

However, winter is also the time for snow in most parts of the country and as you probably know, the contact between water in any form and electrical appliances, such as light strings installed on building exteriors can lead to accidents and fires, so property owners need to be very careful when choosing and installing their holiday decorations. According to professional San Jose roofing contractors, here are a few types of decorations that are safe to be used on your roof, even when the weather turns wet with rain or snow:

  • Non-electrical decorations – make sure that you only use displays that can be installed without fasteners that could damage your roofing cover, such as conventional staples, nails, screws or some type of harsh glue. You can find lots of attractive decorations that can be safely mounted with special tape and clips that do not puncture or otherwise damage the roof;
  • Lights intended for outdoor use – outdoor decorations use special lights and cables that make them safe even if they come into contact with moisture, so make sure your decorations are suitable for being installed outdoors.