seasonal home maintenance

Home maintenance is a never-ending process that requires home-owners to perform seasonal chores – here are some for each season:
– Winter maintenance – removing the snow from the roof and from the area surrounding the house, regular inspections of the building exterior, of the basement and of the attic to check for damage are among the most important chores for winter;
– Spring maintenance – spring should start with a detailed inspection of the home, of the yard and of the garden to check for the damages caused by the winter and when all such damages are remedied and the weather is already warm, homeowners can start preparing their outdoor plants for the blooming season. Spring is also the time when the deck or the patio should be inspected for any damage and when the outdoor furniture should be moved back out from the winter shelter;
– Summer maintenance – maintaining the yard and the garden and enjoying the results of the hard work are the most important tasks for the summer;
– Fall maintenance – fall is the time to have San Mateo roofing clean and inspect your roof to make sure it is sufficiently solid and damage-free to make it through the winter without any issues and it is also the time when outdoor furniture should be cleaned and moved inside. Decks and patios also need to be cleaned and prepped for the winter.