November is a busy time for any responsible homeowner – there are lots of home maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of before the cold weather settles in and the first snow comes. Here are some important things to do around your house:

home maintenance

  • Trim the trees that have branches overhanging your roof to prevent any damage caused by falling tree limbs;
  • Clean your roof and your gutters and have Livermore roofing pros take care of necessary repairs – start with roof cleaning, then de-clog your gutters and perform a thorough inspection to find any damaged roof components or faulty gutters. If you find any issues, repair them or hire a roofer for repairing them for you;
  • Check the siding on your home, too – the siding plays an important protection and insulation role on your building, so inspect your panels and correct any issues, such as cracks or signs of water damage;
  • Move any outdoor furniture and appliances indoors – the chairs, tables and the grill are better off inside;
  • Remove water from your irrigation system – water left to freeze inside your irrigation pipes can break the pipes and make them unusable by next year;
  • Clean your chimneys, test and maintain your heating system – making sure that your heating system is working properly is essential for avoiding discomfort and costly repairs when temperatures are already very low outside.